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December 4 to December 8 2017 138 Kingsland Road, E2 8DY London

About the program

Learn to develop complex front-end applications with React and Redux.

Goals React + Redux + Rails

  • 1Model your view components with React
  • 2Model your data flow with Redux
  • 3Build a complex web application with React + Redux and a full REST API
  • 4Incorporate a React + Redux web application to an existing Rails application


  • Good Javascript knowledge
  • Some ES6 knowledge
  • Know how to use a REST API
  • Good Rails knowledge


SébastienSaunier CTO
AlexBenoit Teacher
ArthurLittmann Teacher
You don't have to put up with 💩 Jquery JS any longer !

What you are going to learn:

Day 1: Modern Javascript ecosystem

  • Babel to compile ES6
  • Webpack to pack modules
  • npm as a library resource
  • yarn to incorporate those libraries
  • ES6: new syntax
  • Get familiar with React - presentation of the Components class
  • "props" and "state" notions
  • JSX as a template language
  • Manage your module with import / export

Day 2: React + Redux

  • Combine your React components to build a complex web application
  • Get data in AJAX with fetch to feed your components
  • Use map for list patterns
  • Get familiar with Redux - concept of global state at the application level
  • App state modeling and management
  • Promote components that need to know this state in Containers
  • Define Reducers and Action Creators responsible for distributing the state changes to Containers

Day 3: React + Redux (Follow Up)

  • Middleware for the processing of Promises
  • Connect a front-end app to a full REST API
  • React Router to simulate navigation on a SPA
  • Redux Form to send data to the API
  • Form Validation to manage the validity of the data sent

Day 4: Tests + Project

  • Strengthen your workflow with tests
  • Develop your own MVP

Day 5: React + Rails

  • Set up React + Redux in a sophisticated Rails app
  • Build a real-time chat application with React + Redux in Rails with ActionCable (web sockets)


£2,500 incl. VATi.e. £2,083 excl. VAT

Fullstack program Alumni

Special offer £1,500 incl. VATi.e. £1,250 excl. VAT


What is React?

ReactJS is a JavaScript library whose purpose is to create HTML snippets, which will be read by a web browser.

What is Redux?

Redux is a JavaScript library which manages the flow of data that needs to be distributed to your different components to update their state.

Do I need to use React no matter the project I'm developing?

No. React is particularly useful and reliable when:

  • You identify components in your views (i.e. subsections that together create a "whole")
  • Those components have a dynamic behavior (they change color when clicked, appearance of a component when hovering above an image, ...)

Indeed, React enables you to create components as objects, which have:

  • properties (or props, unchanging data specific to the object)
  • states (or state, which can change during the lifetime of the component)
  • behaviors

Both libraries, when used together, offer a reliable framework to build complex front-end applications with a fast and dynamic interface.

I am a Ruby on Rails developer, will I be able to use what I will be learning during this program in my Rails applications?

Yes, since Rails 5.1 version and the integration of the webpacker gem, it is very simple to implement React and Redux in a Rails app.

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Next session December 4 to December 8 2017 138 Kingsland Road, E2 8DY London
Number of students 10
Price: £2,500 incl. VATi.e. £2,083 excl. VAT
Fullstack program Alumni Special offer £1,500 incl. VATi.e. £1,250 excl. VAT
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