Last May, Le wagon introduced CEOs from le camping, Season4 to the basics of design, front-end & back-end development. The idea behing these courses was to give them a basic overview on the essentials: how a website works, responds to requests, treats and stores data, builds and stylizes responses.

code au camping

The conclusion was what we had predicted. With enough will and analytical background, any beginner can learn to code. Additionally, any entrepreneur worth his salt should at least grasp some web concepts before taking the plunge. Here are a few questions an entrepreneur should ask himself, before starting the journey.

  1. Will I be able to handle (at least a little) design by myself, or will I rely entirely on my CTO?
  2. How would I design a logo, badges, backgrounds, patterns for my app without losing too much time?
  3. What tools and resources do I know to achieve this?
  4. Do I know enough HTML/CSS/Javascript to assist my CTO? Make mockups and maintain a blog?
  5. Do I know enough Javascript/jQuery to handle simple animation by myself?
  6. Would I understand my CTO's day-to-day enough to relate?
  7. How would I organise and control the development cycles in my startup?
  8. How would I track the necessary analytics for my app? Which information do I need and which tools will most effectively achieve my goals?
  9. Can I quickly access social data using social APIs?
  10. Or automate the collection of social data relevant for my business decisions?

These are the necessary questions for the CEO 2.0. Are you on the right track?

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