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Batch #410 Demo Day | They Graduated on Zoom!

On Friday, June 19th, two teams from Le Wagon Shenzhen Batch #410 presented their final projects to a packed room... on Zoom.

Batch #410 Demo Day | They Graduated on Zoom!
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On Friday, June 19th, two teams from Le Wagon Shenzhen Batch #410 presented their final projects to a packed room... on Zoom.

For nine weeks, these students attended Le Wagon's Full Stack Web Development program remotely. Their classroom was a Zoom meeting room.

Our lectures, challenges, pair-programming sessions, meetups, coffee breaks, and even drinks were organized virtually.

And despite the initial awkwardness of online interaction, we got used to it. Maybe even grew to like it. 🤔

We began to look forward to seeing which virtual background our friends would use. We got better at communicating through a mixture of Zoom, Slack, and WeChat. And most importantly, we learned a lot about Full Stack Web Development.

We built Ruby apps like Stupid Coach, Cookbook, and Food Delivery. We designed frontend products like landing pages, WeChat Mini Programs, and Wagon Racing games. We published Rails applications like Mister Cocktail, Rent-A-Bear, and Rent-A-Book.

Finally, we used everything we learned to create two completely unique applications and publish them onto the web — HomeChef & Veracity.

Check out the full video of their Demo Day here 👉

After nine weeks of remote learning, these students have more than confirmed our belief that you can learn to code even in a remote environment.

We're proud of their achievements and can't wait to see what they accomplish in the next chapter of their lives as Full Stack Developers, Product Managers, Designers, and Entrepreneurs.

Good luck batch #410 and hope to meet you in person soon. 😉
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