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Meet Alexandre Schmitz, UX Designer & Co-Founder of Cerbo

Alexandre is an entrepreneur and UX designer who graduated from Ecole Polytechnique de Montréal in Industrial Engineering. He completed our 9-week coding bootcamp last fall in Montréal. He shared with us why he decided to learn to code with Le Wagon to help him in his entrepreneurial project and some valuable tips for aspiring entrepreneurs.

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Describe your startup in a nutshell

We founded Cerbo in December of 2017. It is a marketplace connecting experts with those who want to learn life skills. Whether people want to speak Spanish, play the guitar, cook Thai food, handle their personal finances, or even put their broken heart back together, we can match them with an expert that will meet their needs.

Why did you decided to learn to code with Le Wagon?

We run a tech company and we were lacking coding manpower. I wanted to enhance my knowledge of coding in order to help my CTO and to better understand my product. So I decided to get my hands on it.

A friend of mine, who used to work in finance, did Le Wagon and became a developer. Now, he manages a team of developers in his company. I thought “That’s amazing, in almost two years, he did all that!” I did some research, heard a lot of good feedback from people I asked, and it gave me proof that Le Wagon’s program worked.

After trying to learn by myself online, it seemed to me a better tactic to go to Le Wagon, so I jumped in to learn everything there faster, and with a better structure.

What benefit does it bring to you as an entrepreneur?

I didn’t know I could get to that level so fast. It can seem scary at first, but Le Wagon’s program demystified coding to me. I feel confident I can learn even more after and upskill in coding.

3 tips for aspiring entrepreneurs?

1- Believe in your idea

Selling a good idea is a job in itself. If you aren’t convinced that you have a gem from the beginning, you will not be able to convince other people.

2- Build a good team

You don’t build a startup on your own. Finding people who share the same vision as you and who bring complementary skills to yours should not be taken lightly.

3- Dare.

In everything, be it pitching to your neighbour in the elevator, asking a stranger for help, or trying to learn something new… Just dare.

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