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Immigrating to Canada: How he landed an Analyst Developer position in Montréal

Olivier Riccini is a programmer-analyst at CGI. Before that, his objective was to leave his home to venture abroad in order to change his life. He chose Le Wagon because it was the best ranked of all the coding bootcamps.

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 “The most important thing is to try. We must not stop just because we think it's going to be too hard or because we don’t understand something. You have to take a chance and keep learning all the time.”

Olivier Riccini chose Le Wagon because he needed a program to help him learn very quickly, and because it was the best ranked of all the coding bootcamps.

As expected, Le Wagon was quite intense. We learned a lot, and after it was finished, we knew how to code an application from A to Z. It really met my expectations.

In addition, the bootcamp provided him with a solid foundation  to go deeper into the tech world, and helped him establish a huge network, enabling him to meet people who helped him land a job.

“It's a whole package, both technical and networking.”

At the end of the 9-week program, he landed two contracts, one of them thanks to a Le Wagon alumnus. This helped him consolidate his skills and to land a permanent position in Montreal.

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