Nov 25 2019

Can anyone learn to code?

Maybe it is true that learning code is easier for a computer science graduate, but we truly believe anyone can learn to code if we look past our assumptions of what we’re capable of and we’re given access to the right education. Not easy – but far from impossible.

TianTian Gao
TianTian Gao

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Can anyone learn to code?

A lot of people still discount the idea of programming without really understanding it. Stereotypes around what a programmer is (anti-social geeks) and what programming is (mathematical) are damaging, leading some people to feel they’re just not wired that way before even exploring it.

At Le Wagon, we’ve seen students from all professional backgrounds(designers, teachers, marketing manager, bankers,HR……)thrive as programmers. Programming can be a skill for everyone – and one that can transform people’s careers and lives.

In truth, coding is creative – more like writing than math.
Learning a new skill can take your career to new heights. Coding accelerates careers of all sorts of professions and lets them become creators of the Web, mobile, automotive,…  not just, you know, a consumer. It’s a skill that can make an unemployed person employable, broadens career options or enables you to expand your hobby.

A great example is entrepreneurs, to whom you might say coding represents freedom. It enables them to materialize their ideas without spending loads of money and effort to ask help from professionals, at least at the beginning when creating an MVP (minimal viable product). 

A graphic designer that understands basic code, for example, JavaScript, can better communicate with developers who bring his designs to life. Many designers end up becoming web developers because they love the idea that they can do everything themselves.

Will robots take your job?

These days when reading about computers and machines making progress in practically every industry, people often worry whether their job is in danger of being taken over by computers. Let's have a look at the chances of whether robots will take your job.

Tech and data roles will be more about people. People's roles will be more about tech and data. Physical, dangerous, repetitive work = 🤖

In summary, don't worry about the robots will rule the world yet, but do consider the importance of learning the way the computer and machine work. Adding coding to your resume doesn’t just give it a fresh new skill. It helps you understand how things around you work, and it gives you the possibility to change them.

It's important to ask the questions to yourself before you start the learning journey: 
why do you want to learn to code? 
To upgrade your skills? 
To change your career path? 
To discover your full potential by learning a new area?

Different purposes will affect the deep motivation you have while learning, have a clear image of your goal and stick to it, same as other subjects, it helps you to understand yourself better, challenge yourself, go out of the comfort zone and give you the chance to discover a whole new world!
Le Wagon Shenzhen driver, Alex, explained in this video ( what needs to be considered before you start your learning journey and how to decide your first programming language.
We are very fortunate to live in an era where information and online learning is easily accessible. Find some online lessons and just try it first! See whether you like it or not.

If you already tried self-learning and find it super boring, join our weekly coding workshops! Come to Le Wagon and meet the community, you will find there are so many amazing people here eager to learn new skills and explore what they can do, who share the same curiosity and passion with you!