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What They Built | Batch #612

Wondering about what you can create after a nine-week intensive coding bootcamp? Let's take a look at what the students of Batch #612 made!

What They Built | Batch #612
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Le Wagon's Part-Time program is a nine-week intensive introduction into the art of digital product development. It's an expert-led journey which brings students through the process of ideation, design, development, deployment, and finally demonstration.

Wondering about what you can create after a nine-week intensive coding bootcamp? Let's take a look at what the students of Batch #612 made!
If you're a thirsty expat in Shenzhen, this app was built for you.
Bar 嘛 is a platform that allows the user to browse bars in Shenzhen. On the home screen, you can filter for location, price, and even ratings.

Click on a specific bar to discover more information. On the show page, you can find the bar's picture, description, location, and most importantly, what other people think!

Once you've chosen the bar you like, it's easy to save that bar to your favorites so you can come back to it later.

In a hurry? Tap on the bar's address to easily navigate to it using one of your native mapping applications.

Like it? Check out why our students decided to build this app below.

Find the best movie to watch, right now.
Movie For You is a WeChat Mini Program that friends can use to vote on what movie they want to watch together.

A user of the Mini Program can create a "Lobby" that they'll share with a group of friends. As friends enter into the lobby, the screen is populated with several movies that their group can choose from.

Each user can browse the list of proposed movies and see more information including title, description, director, and release date. After deciding which movies they want to watch, the users can then vote on which movies they like best. Each user get's only two votes.

After each user has voted, the group leader can submit all the votes and allow the system to choose a winner. 

That movie is the Movie For You. Check out what our students said about building this application .

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