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Hired as a pair: from buddies to colleagues

Sebastian spent over 13 years as a department manager in France, but it was only after taking an introductory web programming class that his life took a whole new direction. Philippe, in turn, is a trained architect, but was eager for a change.

Hired as a pair: from buddies to colleagues
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He applied for a degree in computer science before realizing that he’d actually prefer to pursue a much shorter program.

As fate would have it, both Philippe and Sebastian found themselves in the Spring 2019 web development bootcamp at Le Wagon Montréal. From classmates, they eventually evolved into colleagues. Today, they are both devs at the same company, Sollum Technologies.

What led you to Sollum?

Philippe: “Recruiters from the company were at our Demo Day and I think they really liked Wizar, the web app that Sebastian, Benjamin, and I worked on and presented. 

I’m really proud to have worked on that project, and it came up a lot during my job interview. I’m a big fan of Sollum’s product, but I especially appreciate their drive for innovation, and it’s that kind of environment that I saw myself thriving in. Sollum ended up securing funding just a few weeks after our interviews and we were both hired at the same time. The fact that we both had been on the same project for three weeks during Le Wagon worked in our favor and got us hired as a pair.”
Philippe, Sebastian & Benjamin during project week

What tech stack do you use today?

Sebastian: “We started out with learning Angular, but then switched to Vue JS because it seemed better suited for Cloud application development.”

Philippe: “Even though the stack we use at work is completely different from what we learned at Le Wagon, we often make connections with what we had to do for our final project. While the frameworks are different, the concepts are similar. We often miss the flexibility of Rails, but we’re doing just fine!”

Any advice for future students?

Sebastian: “Completing Le Wagon gives you a real head start, and while the first few weeks are admittedly challenging, you experience being in a developer’s state of mind right away."
Seeing what you can accomplish at the end of 9 weeks is beyond gratifying. 

Sure, the learning is far from over at that point, but it’s considerably easier to take on the next steps thanks to the education we receive at Le Wagon."

Philippe: “Take your time and make an informed decision. Don’t be scared of stepping out of your comfort zone, and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to me on LinkedIn—it would be a pleasure to help guide you to the best of my abilities.”

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