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A career change in the same company: from business analyst to developer

Stephanie Trudeau is an analyst developer for District M. As she was fairly new to this job, when she approached her manager to let him know she wanted to do Le Wagon, she was ready to quit her job to do the 9 week-bootcamp. Instead, she had the chance to take the time she needed to do it, and went back after that to her job.

A career change in the same company: from business analyst to developer
Featuring graduate Stephanie Trudeau Full-stack Developer in district m More about Stephanie
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"Le Wagon is a marathon you have to be ready you have to be extremely curious and you have to be dedicated 100 percent but it's very worth it. And it was amazing."

Le Wagon gave her all the skills she needed to embark on this new journey for her. 

"We need to continually evolve keep ourselves curious learning new things and be open to new experiences, meeting people and Le Wagon offered me all of that."

Now in her job, she enjoys the fact that everything is new for her, allowing her to keep learning everyday. 

"I have the chance to work with an amazing team, very inspiring people. So I feel very blessed."

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