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Career week: tools and activities to support your post-bootcamp transition

The week after bootcamp, aka the 10th week, new FullStack program graduates are invited to participate in a range of activities related to their career choice. The latest edition was held on the week of September 10, 2019, organized especially for students of the summer batch (#281). Here is some feedback about this rewarding and productive week

Career week: tools and activities to support your post-bootcamp transition
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"All the activities organized by Le Wagon have provided us an opportunity to learn from experienced entrepreneurs and developers," said Simon Ravary, alumni (batch #281), Product Manager and now, Web Developer.

Practical tools and resources to help you enter the job market

Part of the week was devoted to workshops presenting tools and practical resources to help alumni in their job searches, launching their businesses or doing freelance work. From the portfolio, to preparing for technical interviews, to optimizing their LinkedIn profiles, the objective was to equip alumni to approach the next stages of their professional life with greater confidence.

Experts in Web development (back-end and front-end), in product management and recruitment also came to share their knowledge and offer advice and tips. These meetings gave alumni an opportunity to immerse themselves in the reality of the labour market and thus create new perspectives.

"It has enabled us to meet people who have been there and can give sound advice, and we realized quite quickly, in fact, that the future is rather positive and even bright." said Léa, alumni (batch #281) and entrepreneur/co-founder of the start-up VizMed, along with other Le Wagon alumni.

Career Day: speed recruiting with a selection of hiring partners 

The Career Day that closed Career Week was an opportunity for graduates to meet companies looking for talent. Hiring partners were invited to our office for an exclusive recruitment event. Individual interviews in "speed recruiting" mode were organized according to everyone’s needs and profiles.

"What we like in Le Wagon's profiles is that people really have the knack...what we don’t always find in all candidates. It's really cool to have people like that all in one day." noted Héloïse Guillemot, Studio Manager, 1492 Studio (Ubisoft).

For this first edition, our partners included Ubisoft, Beslogic, Alayacare, Exolnet, Stay22, Alithya, Drakkar and Grad 4.

"To have these people there with their previous backgrounds who have now added this layer of technical knowledge to them is exactly what we need - versatile people. It's this bootcamp’s strength, in my opinion. " Olivier Cléroux, COO & Co-Founder of Exolnet.

If you would like to join our network of hiring partners and get access to exclusive recruitment events, contact us here.

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