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Learning to code to change lives

In our Spring session, Le Wagon Montreal welcomed a group of 26 students from eight different countries with very diverse profiles: from international relations, to urban planning and healthcare, to name a few. It was a real pleasure to share these nine intensive weeks with them and to witness their growth throughout the program.

Learning to code to change lives
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On June 7, batch 247’s students will present the applications they designed, prototyped and coded during the last 10 days of the full-time bootcamp. With these new skills in hand, some will be (re)-entering the job market as Junior Developers or Product Managers. Others will continue their entrepreneurial adventures. The reasons for joining the FullStack program vary, but students all share the same motivation: Learning to code to change their lives or to change other people’s lives… 

Changing lives through Artificial Intelligence

Changing lives, that’s what motivates Jose. He joined Le Wagon with the intention to accelerate a startup he launched a few months ago to help a family member fight a chronic disease.

“I developed my initial MVP (minimum viable product) and found out I still needed more technical skills to get to the next level.”, is a personal AI health-guardian that uses Artificial Intelligence to help people prevent chronic diseases by changing their lifestyle habits. 

Having a seat at the table as a woman in Tech 

Axelle worked as a nurse in France before moving to Montreal. It was great timing for her to change careers as part of a fresh new experience. It started from the premise that if only men create technologies, they may reproduce the same gender-related biases that we are trying to fight in our society today. 

“As women, we need to be involved in tech. We must have a seat at the table when decisions are made about the technologies of tomorrow and their impact on our lives.”

Axelle always had a strong interest in visual arts and design and wanted to quickly acquire skills in web development. Le Wagon turned out to be a program tailored to her needs.

Building successful startups

Robert is the youngest of the Spring batch. He is the co-founder of Neo, a website that makes setting up and completing on-demand services easy. He joined Le Wagon to gain tech skills and to be able to turn his ideas into reality.

“In the past, I have struggled to build a startup because I had to outsource the development work, and I love the idea of being able to do the development work myself. Every morning, I am excited to be here and I am looking forward to jump-starting my career as an entrepreneur/web developer”

The entrepreneurial spirit is also what motivated Kristyna who joined Le Wagon with the goal of launching her startup. 

“I am particularly interested in web design. I’ve had this business idea in my head for a while. By doing this FullStack program, I intend to expand my skills to be able to launch my own startup”

Kristyna used to work as a marketing manager for cosmetic brands such as L’Oréal & Bourjois. After traveling for a year around the world, she settled in Montreal to start her bootcamp experience. 

Come to Demo Day, June 7

Jose, Axelle, Robert et Kristyna will present, along with the 22 other Batch 247 students, the tech products they are coding in the last two weeks of the bootcamp. Come meet them on Friday, June 7 at at 6:00 p.m.!

To attend the presentations and meet the students, simply book your seat here. The pitches will be followed by a networking and recruitment event for registered recruiters and employers.   

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