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Coding Lady | Everything was driven by curiosity!

As a dog owner, Christine came up with the idea that building a mini program to help dog owners find a place that allows pets to go at the weekend.

Coding Lady | Everything was driven by curiosity!
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"The idea of taking part in a product development bootcamp was driven by my curiosity, I always think tech is cool and interesting, and I always dreamed to start my own business one day, which I think that coding is a great skill to start. "

                                                                                                        — Christine, 
                                           our graduate of product development bootcamp
Christine and her pets
Christine is a dog owner, and she found out that it’s a total pain for dog owners to find a place that allows pets to go at the weekend. So this idea came to her that one day maybe she can build a mini program herself to solve this problem

Here we go, during the part-time product development bootcamp, her team create Fluffy, a pet lovers' social platform that helps you search pet-friendly places easily.

It was the biggest satisfaction I earned from Le Wagon coding bootcamp

A pet lovers' social platform that helps you
search for pet-friendly places easily.

Actually the first day of working in a tech team is very frustrating.

We were waiting for one part of the team to finish one thing and then other people to finish it afterwards, it was so hard to work efficiently as a team. Through the teamwork practice at Le Wagon, the skills of how to work together within the tech team helped me a lot.  

Fluffy is still brand new and we need to discover more and learn more if we want to build more features and functions for the mini program. A lot of stress and uncertainties come along.

A lot of people perceive coding and tech as male-dominated industries.

What are some of the challenges that Christine has faced herself as a female, and what would she say to encourage more women to join this industry?

"I work in a media platform and so most of my colleagues are women. They are shocked when they heard about I am going to take a coding course. I can feel that people still have the bias that women can’t do coding or can’t do it as well as men, I think for girls you should just do it. 

Don’t think that ‘oh I don’t have this kind of option or choice’, you just have to believe that you can do it and you can definitely have this choice. Joining more coding events is a great start point."

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