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Discover the WeChat mini programs Ecosystem in one Map

For the first-year anniversary, explore dozens of new local services and great resources

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2017 was marked by the arrival and quick rise of WeChat mini programs. No way you missed them with the recent mini games out, but surely you haven't wrapped your head around this whole new thing yet.

Throughout the year Tencent, fighting its numerous early-stage detractors, was forced to expand its framework both on functionalities and marketing abilities. Look at the changelog... This update race was done at an unprecedented pace, keeping our friends, developers and product people constantly excited… sometimes breathless too 😵

Hats off, WeChat developers!

Today is January 9 2018, and we all join you to celebrate the first-year anniversary of the technology 🎂 (maybe all except for Jack Ma!).

The whole evolution of Mini Programs naturally came with the creation of many dedicated players, some very smart first movers: they identified content and business opportunities, and were quick to jump on the new bandwagon built by Tencent. From unofficial stores to forums and generators…. A huge ecosystem was born.

In this article, we decided to look at the current landscape and provide you with a global picture.

If you are now developing a WeChat mini program or considering to do so, you will want to explore all these great resources…

Categories of players

Essentially we have divided the ecosystem in 8:

Download our interactive PDF 
(with direct links to all services)

If we are missing a service you’d like recommend, give us a shout for an update!

Some highlights

Platforms like and are already combining stores + news + forums + generators + service… trying to capture the traffic and become the dominant hub! Let’s watch them closely in 2018. and
Aladdin, a leading Mini Program analytics tool, was the first Mini Program startup to raise capital (10M USD in June 2018). Just like their competitor TalkingData, their data collect allows to produce reports on Mini Programs trends, demographics and behaviors! Good for us, since Tencent has been quite shy on official data…

Our favorites

Because we know you are busy, we’re happy to tell you right here our own favorites** :

Looking for case studies for your industry?
Browse this store:

Want to read market updates?
Hop on For example, they just released the Top 100 mini programs in partnership with Minapp

No time to develop a custom back-end?
Use for an MVP and check our open-source wiki

Fancy to read some tricks and source code?

How about detailed statistics on your visitors?
Add to your source code!

Need custom and tracked QR codes? is super simple

Are you a designer?
Check to build the UI for your mini program

** Disclaimer: we haven’t tested all players thoroughly, nor do we have fair a comparison grid! This list is provided as a shortcut only and we reserve the right to change our mind ;)

![WeChat Mini Programs Developers](blog_image_path 2018-01-09-WeChat-MiniPrograms-Developers.jpg)

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