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Gender diversity is key at Le Wagon

Ellyn is a teacher at Le Wagon. Her ambition is to become an ambassador for women in tech, leading the way towards a technology industry without a gender gap.

Gender diversity is key at Le Wagon
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Ellyn Bouscasse is a Full-Stack Development teacher at Le Wagon, who made her way to the institution after yearning for more than her university could offer. She hopes that as Le Wagon continues to grow, it will become an ambassador for women in tech, leading the way towards a technology industry without a gender gap.

This interview was conducted by Erica Freedman, Content Specialist at SwitchUp.

If you are interested in learning more about our program, she has advice for students who have recently graduated as well as for students who are looking to attend our program. Take a dive into her interview below and learn about what she has seen during her time at our institution.

What are some unique aspects about Le Wagon that sets it apart from other bootcamps?

Le Wagon is unique because of: * The pedagogical platform that we use; * The practical and organised teaching style; * The product-driven focus: learning by building web applications.

What is your technical background?

I started with online MOOCs (Massive Open Online Course) about code and Blockchain and then attended Le Wagon myself.
Ellyn Bouscasse, Batch #62, Le Wagon Amsterdam

What is your educational background?

I have a trilingual Bachelor of Business Administration from HEC Montreal, Plus learning online through my MOOC courses.

How did you find your way to Le Wagon?

I found my way to Le Wagon while travelling and exploring new ways of learning, specifically things that I was not taught at university. Those experiences paired with other experiences including getting involved in the tech start-up community, I developed my curiosity of understanding this new field.

What is your position at Le Wagon?

I am a full-stack teacher.

Which city do you work in?

Amsterdam, Brussels, Barcelona and Bali!

What plans/dreams do you have for Le Wagon over the next 5 years?

I hope that over the next five years Le Wagon will become an ambassador for women in tech. Coming from a non-technical educational background, I’m now teaching code to people from all over the world. I want to see more women involved in this field, and even out this disparity between women and men in tech.

Any advice for students looking to join a bootcamp?

Be sure to prepare yourself through online courses, articles, and videos. Also, be sure to talk to alumni!

Any advice for people who want to start teaching code?

Be sure you have preparation, commitment, practice. Practice of explaining complex concepts in a simple way. A good developer is not necessarily a good teacher and vice-versa. Teaching code is not easy, it requires soft and hard skills.

Do you see bootcamps replacing college for parts of the population?

Yes. Without any doubt. Bootcamps are the new way of education.

What is the job market like where your bootcamp location is based?

All bootcamp locations have ties to their local tech-oriented startup community.

Do you feel students without a technical background can attend Le Wagon?

Yes, I do. With motivation, practice and perseverance you can learn anything.

Do you have advice for recent graduates?

Keep coding, keep building products.

Anything else you would like to add?

Living in a digital age, coding is the new universal language. Software is everywhere in our daily lives, and we need more women to develop the future.

If you are curious about our alumni experiences, check out our third-party verified review page on SwitchUp.

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