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Giovanni, 18 years old and Fullstack Web Developer after Le Wagon

Giovanni grew up in Geneva where he still lives. Digital native, he has always been attracted by Tech. As soon as he finished high school he decided he wanted to start working as a junior developer. Discover his Story.

Giovanni, 18 years old and Fullstack Web Developer after Le Wagon
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Can you tell us why you wanted to become a Dev? 

After high school, I worked for a few months as a trainee in a startup, helping with Html, Css, etc... I got confirmation that I loved Tech and wanted to make a living out of it. Since I didn't really want to go to university, I looked online for a short course that would help me quickly find a job. I discovered Le Wagon and went to a free workshop they gave at the Voisins coworking space in Geneva. I immediately liked their direct approach with applied workshops where I was able to code right away. And I realized that it was possible for me to learn how to develop in a very short time.

What did you think of Le Wagon's training? 

To be honest, I really enjoyed it. I liked that there is a lot of time dedicated to practice and developing real projects. During the 9 weeks, we sometimes feel tired, but thinking back, I tell myself it is normal with all we’ve learned. Also, teachers try to make us think by ourselves instead of giving us the answers directly. It can be frustrating, but it made me more independent. Finally, I think that my favorite week was the JavaScript week, right in the middle of the bootcamp, because it’s a super powerful language and the teacher is very skilled. 

What did you do after Le Wagon?  

I didn't really take holidays, just a day or two to rest. And I quickly applied to dev jobs around Geneva. I had interviews and technical tests, not always successful, but I improved. I also noticed there were lot of offers in React, so I decided learn this technology. I took the online course on React from Le Wagon, which is free for the alumni. It was not very difficult for me to learn a new language, after the 5 languages ​I ​learned during the bootcamp. I already had the logic in mind. And I had the chance to be quickly accepted for a 3-month internship at Ketl, a startup in Geneva.

What's next? 

I just finished my internship and I learned a lot working everyday with the CTO. I want to thank him for that. I decided to follow up with freelance projects, it suits me better. I am currently working with several clients. For example, I’m developing a mobile application for a Fintech startup and a website for a medical office. I like the freelance way of working that allows me to combine training and delivering interesting projects. I can picture myself doing this for a few years and why not take advantage to travel at the same time.

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