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They got hired as developers before finishing Le Wagon Shanghai

Le Wagon Shanghai Alumni John and Max from Batch #61 got a job offer before finishing Le Wagon as front-end and back-end developers at HeyShop.

Featuring graduate Maksim Khier Full-stack Developer in Move Shanghai More about Maksim
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Le Wagon Shanghai Alumni John and Max from Batch #61 got a job offer before finishing Le Wagon as front-end and back-end developers at HeyShop. HeyShop is one of the most promising E-commerce SaaS platform in China. The company provides ERP, CRM, and website building service for customers based on Chinese market.

Your role on the team

Maksim: Junior back-end developer.

John: I’m now proud to say I’m serving as a junior front-end engineer at HeyShop! More specifically, I’m working with the designers on the team to implement responsive designs on the front end.

How did you get along with the team

Maksim: The team is very friendly. We get along pretty easily. The only real obstacle is that my Chinese language level is not very high :)

John: Things are going well, we’re getting along well. I’m lucky to have supportive teammates and good mentors at the company. Everyone is willing to go out of their way to provide support and feedback, keeping long-term goals in mind while adhering to a fast-moving lean mentality. The hardest part has been learning all of the Chinese vocabulary for web development…they didn’t teach that at Le Wagon!

What’s your overall feeling of the company

Maksim: The company is pretty young, but we have high hopes for it! I believe we provide a valuable service to Chinese retailers by giving them the opportunity to have their own branded online stores with their own domains and have more flexibility unlike generic stores on Taobao or other big platforms. We have awesome in-house designers that make sure our clients’ sites look beautiful and modern.

John: I have a really good feeling about the company because we put product first. I think HeyShop has great growth potential, and everyone at the company is dedicated to the product vision. It’s great to be working in an environment that sincerely cares about building something we can be proud of, and not just going through the motions.

How much of the content you learned at Le Wagon are being used right now for this position?

Maksim: I am a back-end developer and most of the Le Wagon content was concentrated on Ruby and Rails. So, I actually use most of the material I learned in the bootcamp at my current job. I am very happy that I could apply what was learned in the bootcamp right after the graduation.

John: Everything I learned at Le Wagon has been relevant in some way. Being a front-end guy, I’m using mainly javascript, which has been a bit of a learning curve switching from Ruby on Rails. Even though I’m not using Rails, the methodology and basic design patterns I learned at Le Wagon are the same.

What’s your next plan

Maksim: I want to keep working at HeyShop, keep learning and improving our platform. The perks of working in a startup is that there is plenty of opportunities to learn. I am not confined to one specific routine. The tasks keep changing and I have to learn new things fast! The feeling of always developing your skill set is pretty amazing!

John: Not sure, never stop learning! HeyShop is not a company that sees taking a junior developer as a liability—they see the value in training a junior developer who has the right mindset & work ethic. Similarly, I see the long-term value in dedicating myself to an early-stage startup like HeyShop.

Note: as of 2018, Maksim moved on to Move Shanghai ( as a FullStack engineer and leading a team of 2 junior developers. John also moved on to position of Javascript Developer for WiredCraft (

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