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How to learn to code online

Want to learn to code? Take online courses! There is a large range of coding skills that you can learn online, like Python and SQL. In this article, you will learn about different aspects of coding and get relevant resources to help you reach your goal!

How to learn to code online
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Coding is the act of writing computer programs in the language the computer understands, in lines of Code called "scripts" to make it accomplish a specific task or carry out given commands. If coding is a passion for you, then you can learn it by taking online courses! 

Learn to prototype your app

A prototype is the creation of the wireframe or mockup for an application that is not operating because it has no code. An application prototype can be a small diagram or pencil sketch on paper. These digital prototypes begin as very basic, black-and-white wireframes, before getting to high quality  for the complete-color designs. The prototype is usually the first stage before the actual application that functions on your mobile phone or computer.

To help you do that, Figma is one of the best resources to refer to. Figma's prototyping features will let you produce interactive designs that show how a user will ultimately make use of the complete app. Using Figma features, you can preview the interfaces and user flows, share and update the designs, receive a response from collaborators, test how the applications work with users, and show your models to investors.

Want to go further? Just follow our Figma Tutorial about App Prototyping.

Understand UI design

User Interface (UI) is a program that forecasts the needs of users to create features that are easy to understand and access. To achieve a smooth user interface, entail a combination of three concepts, such as information architecture, interaction design, and visual design. 

You can shape your skills by consulting the encyclopedia of human-computer interaction. It is about a 52-chapter encyclopedia presenting UI/UX and interaction design. This document covers so many details on designing interactive products including websites and software building, and household objects.

How to design a User Interface properly?

The first consideration in your design efforts is the user. To make a user interface that meets the need optimally, first learn about your user's objectives, what they like and do and what their level of expertise is.

Other things you must consider when you design a user interface include the following:

Don't hesitate to go to our UI Design course for beginners to learn the basics of UI!

Learning HTML and CSS

The full meaning of HTML is ‘Hypertext Markup Language’, and CSS stands for ‘Cascading Style Sheets’. These two languages are independent and primary programs for making a web page. HTML is the simplest language and enables you to create the structure of the page. Examples include paragraphs, headings, and images. As for CSS, it gives the capacity to style the visual appeal of your page and layout for different devices. Examples of CSS are the colors and fonts of your page.

From the examples of both languages, you can deduce that HTML represents how the content should be, and the CSS describes how the content will appear on a web page.

To learn how to code HTML and CSS, just follow a study guide, and you will achieve your goal in no time. You will learn how to write quality code, know how to use CSS properly, make a list, know how to build a Web Page, establish backgrounds and gradients, add media, and make a data table and so on. 

Just go to our tutorial to find out how to learn HTML and CSS to code and design your first website.

Learn JavaScript

JavaScript is the encoding language for the Web, it’s text-based and usable on both the client and server-side. It is used for updating and modifying both HTML and CSS and to compute, manipulate and authenticate data. You can use it to code Browsers and make a static web page interactive.

How can you learn JavaScript?

If you are not an experienced programmer, to learn JavaScript, begin from the basics and learn about variables and types, operators, arrays, manipulating arrays, loops, functions, and pop up boxes. 

JavaScript for Cats is one of the most interesting online resources for beginners who want to learn to code in JS language. You will find lots of advice about learning to code JavaScript. And check out our JavaScript tutorial to learn the core notions of JS!

Plan your automation using APIs

API stands for Application Programming Interface and is a package that helps two different applications to connect. APIs are used over Web networks and the use of them is referred to as ‘Web Services’. Like other applications, you can write an API to communicate with other modules of programs and databases.

What you should know about automation is that there are three layers of Automation API. You can separate the entire system into three layers:

If you want to learn how to automate tasks with APIs, just watch our introduction to the core concepts!

Learn SQL to query a database

SQL (Structured Query Language), is a typical language for storage, operating, and retrieving data in databases. You also use the language for search, inserting and updating, and deleting database information. Also, it can function in maintaining and improving how the database works. For example, relational databases like MySQL Database, Oracle, Ms. SQL Server, Sybase all use SQL.

If you want to learn to query a database, watch our SQL queries tutorial.

Use Python to scrape the Web, analyze your market and your competition

Web scraping is the method for checking and obtaining data from competitor's websites using an application. It’s a fast and cheap way to confirm market situation information and that of data of your competitors.

What is Python?

Python's is an easy to learn programming language that has lively semantics. Also, it is an object focused coding language that is attractive for use in fast application development, scripting, and linking components together.

Python supports components and packages, which allow coders to reuse program codes. The Python has a translator of an extensive typical library in source or binary form free in almost all primary platforms, and the program is freely distributed.

How to scrape the Web Using Python?

To scrape the Web, use Python to build your scraper for collecting data from the Web. To begin, install Python with other tools and write some lines of code to request data from a URL containing JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and JSON using a browser.

Once you receive the information, you put it into an object. Extract the useful data and convert it into the right format. This method is as if you went to that website to view the web page source.

Looking for some resources to learn how to scrape the web using Python? Watch our Python Web Scraping Tutorial.

And if you want to know how to analyze your competition before starting your new business, learn the basics of programming with Python in our Python for Data Analysis tutorial.

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