Le Wagon Brussels: 2nd batch...
and 11 new amazing web apps!

On July the 3rd, a bunch of freshly “techified” entrepreneurs/aspiring-developers showcased, in front of a large audience, the result of their 9-week intensive & immersive training in web application development.

Le Wagon Brussels, 2nd batch of Full-Stack Coding Bootcamp students

The startup projects issued from this 2nd edition of Le Wagon Brussels’ bootcamp were very diverse and each MVP (« minimum viable product ») already pretty sleek. Quite a feat, when you think that the participants could not read nor write a single line of code just 9 weeks before and that they only had 10 days at the end of the bootcamp to work on their application prototypes! Here's an overview of what they built from scratch...

Disclaimer: in addition to the 9 startup/project apps showcased in this video, 2 additional ones were built during the last 10 days of the bootcamp:
- one that was developed for an organisation's internal needs, hence not displayed;
- one that has been acquired by a private firm just after the bootcamp, hence not displayable anymore ;-)

Exon - Sequence your DNA to prevent health issues

Exon, sequence your DNA to prevent health issues

Project developed by : David Verbustel.

Exon is an online genetic service that sequences and interpretes your DNA in order to prevent health issues. It analyzes the DNA data and provides its users with reports on their potential future diseases and drug responses. This is done in three very simple steps: the user orders their DNA kit, sends back a saliva sample to Exon and, a couple of weeks later, a genetic report is available online.

Crimpr - Find relevant outdoor climbing info and climbing buddies

Crimpr - Find relevant outdoor climbing info and climbing buddies

Project developed by : Anna-Isabel Lamers.

In outdoors climbing, it has always been difficult to access accurate information on climbing spots in a timely manner. Crimpr tackles this issue by offering a quick planning tool in form of a google maps for climbers that provides real-time information on surrounding climbing areas, such as current weather conditions, what direction the climbing area is facing, sunset timing, grading of routes, distance between sectors and more. Crimpr also has a social dimension, allowing users to find climbing buddies directly through the webapp.

skanher - Rate your employer on diversity & equality criteria

skanher, rate your employer on diversity & gender equality criteria

Project developed by : Cédric Lor.

To remain competitive, firms need to attract the best profiles. With always more highly educated women on the job market, respect to diversity and gender equality has become critical. skanher, the disruptive scanner, allows people to rate firms on these criteria. With skanher, firms long committed to these issues get a reputation premium and future employees get critical information while applying for a new job.

Chupbox - Cook like a chef while staying at home

Chupbox, cook like a chef while staying at home

Project developed by : Marc Debnicki.

The Chupbox platform enables you to purchase ingredients with their recipes and cook meals from different part of the world (Italian, Thai, Japanese,…) without the hassle of going to different grocery stores. You choose your pack on the web app, you order it and you’re all set to transform your kitchen into your favorite restaurant! The Chupbox team will start their test phase early September in Louvain-La-Neuve.

EOP - Connecting municipalities and event organizers

EOP, connecting municipalities and event organizers

Project developed by : Jonathan Faucon.

EOP (for « Event Organization Platform »), is a platform where municipalities can get in touch with event organizers in their community. The goal is to create a dedicated communication channel between cities and local event organizers, in order to aggregate all the area events in one single place and give them more visibility. EOP will launch in the Lille area to start with.

Flatninja - The Tinder of flatmate finding

Flatninja - The Tinder of flatmate finding

Project developed by : Vadim Popowski.

Flatninja is a mobile-first webapp to help you to find the perfect roommate in a less time-consuming and more social way. The difference between FlatNinja and other services like Airbnb or Immoweb is that you navigate through your research results by swiping away the ones that don’t interest you, in a Tinder-like flow. When you have a match, you're just one step away from finding your new roommate. Flatninja will launch in September 2015 and is looking for marketeers.

Macchiato - A spin-off factory for large companies

Macchiato, a spin-off factory for large companies

Project developed by : Malik Dauber, Antoine Magny & Fabien Andreacola.

In this ever changing context, companies have two choices: constantly innovate, or die. Macchiato is a spin off factory that helps large companies to run innovative projects with a team of entrepreneurs working alongside their executives. Macchiato works in 3 steps :
1 - « Stimulation » : identify intrapreneurial profiles in the company by allowing employees to take the personality test on the website
2 - « Ideation » : find the client need and the the idea, build an MVP and a business model, then pitch to the top management
3 - « Company creation » : take the spin off to sustainability

Divotee - Find the right caddy for your golf game

Divotee, find the right caddy for your golf game

Project developed by : Guillaume de Monie, Linde Vloeberghs & Cole Perkins.

Divotee is a booking platform for golf players in South East Asia. Golfers are really passionate and spend a lot of time and money improving their game, but with the right caddy they can achieve better results, for a fraction of the price. Today a caddy is assigned to you randomly. Divotee now allows players to choose based on what matters for them.

Branch-ed - Learn something online and stay motivated

Branch-ed, learn something online and stay motivated

Project developed by : Anthony Limère, Martijn Kerckhaert & Nicolas Rasmussen.

About 80% of people who start learning something online quit before they are halfway through. The Branch-ed team pinpointed two main reasons why people don’t complete online classes: there is way too much (bad or outdated) content on the web and most importantly no overview on this content. Branch-ed offers structure for people to track their progress and stay motivated throughout their learning journey. You can use Branch-ed to learn, but also to create « branches », hence course paths, for the community.