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How can I make a WeChat mini program?

2.3 million mini apps, 280million daily active users, 70% of people in China use it monthly. What’s the future of WeChat mini program and how to build one by yourself?

How can I make a WeChat mini program?
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Becoming an engineer is not the only career path after a coding bootcamp: you can leverage your newly acquired skills in any career you'll choose to pursue.

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Meet our students: Rose, for the love of code

It took 3 years working as an SEO specialist at a digital marketing agency in Montreal for Rose to finally realize that, actually, she would prefer to code websites instead of optimizing them.

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From Molecular Biology to Deliveroo

My background story is very…varied. I have two Bachelor's degrees - one in Spanish Language and Literature and one in Anthropology, and I also have a minor in Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology. After trying our various roles in different industries, I knew I had to learn technical skills to advance my career, and now post-Le Wagon, I am a Technical Account Manager for Deliveroo.

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