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Audencia x Le Wagon partnership: a first review

In summer 2019 Audencia & Le Wagon Nantes launched a strategic partnership to allow business students to learn tech & digital skills. Time to draw a first assessment of the first steps of this partnership went.

Audencia x Le Wagon partnership: a first review
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In summer 2019 Audencia and Le Wagon Nantes launched a strategic partnership to allow business students to learn tech & digital skills. The logic is quite simple: give Audencia students the best of both worlds.

A few key figures to sum it up:

The training of managers at the crossroads of skills, a principle that the Audencia business school places at the heart of its strategic & educational positioning, thus gains an additional dimension.
Audencia students immersed in tech for 9 weeks
The students benefiting from this system are fully satisfied: out of the 5 students who have already gone through our bootcamp, we are on an NPS of 100.

The best way to discover the potential of this partnership is to let the main stakeholders share their experience.

“One of the best learning experience of my life.
 In terms of intensity and content, I do not remember having learned so much in 9 weeks”

“Intense, inspiring and fun”

Intensity of the training: 9 weeks to learn to code from 0, and end up obtaining a bachelor certificate.

“Le Wagon demands a real investment. But the more you invest, the more you learn”
Diversity of teaching: an essential technical advantage to working closely with developers or creating your own entrepreneurial project.

A strategic partnership, we warned you!
Audencia students presenting the web applications they created with their teams

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