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Meet our students: Vicky, the creative entrepreneur

Vicky is an entrepreneur. She co-founded ctstudio, a creative agency specialized in the design and sale of patterns. Their prints are sold on a variety of products, ranging from clothes to home decor items. Backed with the technical skills she’s acquiring at Le Wagon, Vicky hopes to expand her business even further.

Meet our students: Vicky, the creative entrepreneur
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What motivated you to learn to code?

The biggest motivator for me was improving our online presence to reflect ctstudio’s vision. Our ultimate goal is to develop an international platform that would enable designers from diverse backgrounds and influences to sell their designs to businesses searching for fresh and unique looks.

"Creativity is nothing without technique"

I’ve always loved science fiction. I’m fascinated by futuristic films that portray advanced, high-tech societies where everything seems possible. 

For me, learning to code feels a little bit like learning magic. I’m discovering this new realm of possibility, with its own distinct and foreign language. But creativity is nothing without technique, which brings me here. I am already imagining all the possibilities at the intersection of technology and design—and I can’t wait to master these new tools at my disposal! 

Why did you choose to study web development at Le Wagon?

I was looking for a short-term bootcamp that, most importantly, is accessible for people from diverse professional backgrounds and profiles. I had absolutely no prior knowledge in coding, but I really wanted to learn. Le Wagon is, without a doubt, the only bootcamp that satisfied all my requirements. 

“The environment is so conducive to the exchange of knowledge, especially because of the way it links theory and practice by focusing on producing web products.”

What advice would you give to women who are still waiting to start?

Don’t wait! In addition to acquiring skills that are essential in our society now and tomorrow, going through the bootcamp is also an experience in personal development. Learning a new language and a new way of thinking is challenging and disorienting, for sure. Yet, it’s a unique opportunity to understand the world around us—why would you let an experience like that pass you by?

“It’s a unique opportunity to understand the world around us”

If someone had told me 20 years ago that I would one day learn to code, I would have laughed and said that I wasn’t a nerd, but you never know where life takes you. Take the leap!

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