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I quit my job, what's next?

Are you also thinking about transition into the tech world but afraid of taking the action? Today's story might give you some insights into this transition journey!

I quit my job, what's next?
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From Finance, Management and Education to marketing startup, Filiberto wants to be part of the action, to make and break things; to embark on his own adventure. Left the old stage, Filiberto is in search of more creative, fulfilling life challenges. Are you also thinking about transition into the tech world but afraid of taking the action? Today's story might give you some insights into this transition journey! 

Could you please introduce yourself?

Certainly, I am Filiberto. I am Italian even though I have never lived in Italy, I am probably more European. I grew up in the UK and France and completed my studies in Management and Finance in Scotland right in the midst of the 2008 Financial Crisis. I have worked in China, mainly in investments since 2009 and in December 2018 I graduated from Le Wagon Shanghai (batch #194). 

What motivated you to join Le Wagon?

Finance is fun and I have had my fair share of adventures but I guess what I really wanted was to be part of the action, to make and break things; to embark on my own adventure. Funnily enough, the final motivator was my wife. We both attended the summer 2018 batch’s demo day not really knowing what to expect. She, I guess half-jokingly said, “Wouldn’t it be cool to make a platform for short-term entertainment spaces and parties?”

Filiberto and his wife at alumni Stefan's wedding

What was your biggest take-away from Le Wagon?

Like with many other skills you need a solid foundation. Le Wagon provided just that, it gave me a starting point on which to build on. I think before and during the course, it felt like everything was converging on the demo day pitch but in hindsight, it is just a single point on a much more important journey. Since Le Wagon, I have developed a wealth of knowledge and experience regarding system architecture, I used Python and Django (Python framework) to build another product and learned about many tools but more importantly, it gave me a framework and working methodology that I have applied in many other areas.
Filiberto and his dog

What do you think was the scariest part for you when you start to think about transiting into tech? What was the most challenging part?

Probably the scariest part was knowing I would leave behind a large part of my former career, education, and training and not know where it would lead me. But that hasn’t been the case it has actually helped me in ways I didn’t expect.As for it being a challenge, yes it is all challenging, every day there are new issues and hurdles but I always remind myself that I made that decision knowing it would a challenge.

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You co-founded Duan Duan Zu after you finished the bootcamp, how did you do that?

We just did it.
We built on the foundation provided by Le Wagon and just ran with it. We try, test and progress and just keep doing it. We have complementary skill sets so it works out well.

What is your main role at Duan Duan Zu?

I do a bit of everything, I code, I sell, I market. Whatever needs taking care of I will do it. My main role if you had to define one is to keep things moving! 

What advice would you give an aspiring entrepreneur?

“Just do it” - if you don’t you will never learn from it.
Filiberto at Demo Day

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