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Why tech companies are strategically hiring coding bootcamp graduates

We talked with Yannick Bessette, Founder and CEO of Beslogic, after he recently recruited six of our alumni as junior developers for his company. Beslogic is an information technology company that has decided to innovate by looking on the labour market for people who are extremely passionate about coding. Its mission is to create personalized solutions fo...

Why tech companies are strategically hiring coding bootcamp graduates
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Beslogic: an enthusiastic team 

Beslogic is a very passionate team. The company operates on a management model focused on learning and mentorship. The attitude of the team’s developers is an important factor in its growth and ability to respond, and they often exceed the expectations of the company’s customers. 

“Le Wagon has proven to be an excellent training school for our business. We love its students and the well-structured coding bootcamp. We hired six Le Wagon Montreal graduates and we are very satisfied. Because of their passion, curiosity and the desire to quickly learn new technologies, Le Wagon alumni arevery attractive candidates for our company.”

The main benefits of Le Wagon Montréal alumni

In the field of technologies, the ability to adapt is important because today's technologies will not be those of tomorrow. 

“For Beslogic, the attitude towards learning in general is the most important factor in hiring. This ability to accept and even love change is one of our primary recruitment criteria. What's better than those participating in a bootcamp who are looking to reorient themselves in a stage of career development. The “joie de vivre” is also a character trait we like"  says Yannick Bessette.

In order to be competitive in the job market, it is important to constantly learn and adapt to change.

“Le Wagon alumni have a vivacity, an energy from what we believe is a renewal. They emerge after 9 weeks of training with solid knowledge and versatility that seduces us. Lastly, the team spirit and the "we are all in this together" attitude that they have at the end of the program is perfectly suited to our corporate culture.”

Demo Day: An opportunity to recruit potential candidates

By participating in the Demo Days, the Beslogic recruiters met their future recruits. They were impressed by the developers’ passion, the work done after just 9 weeks of training, and the Le Wagon Montreal students’ team spirit.

Demo Day is an opportunity for students to present web applications developed during the last 2 weeks of FullStack training. For recruiters, this is the opportunity to meet new potential candidates.

"We were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the work presented. Our exchanges with the students were very friendly and enabled us to establish relationships and recruit graduates who will be able to grow with our company over the long term." he adds. 

For students in the program, the event showcases their desire to learn, to question themselves, and to explore new horizons. Web application pitches clearly demonstrate what they have learned from the results-oriented training. 

"The program is very relevant at the technological level and at the approach level. And I would absolutely recommend the program for all the reasons mentioned above"

Le Wagon students are exposed to very diverse coursework. The bootcamp helps them acquire the technical skills required to change or grow their existing careers. In addition to this, special attention is paid to the following soft skills during the program:

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