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Remote Bootcamp

To ensure the safety of our students and staff during Covid-19 pandemic, we have transitioned Le Wagon Shenzhen’s Spring ‘20 FullStack Web Development Bootcamp to a remote learning environment but still guaranteeing a top-quality and engaging experience.

Remote Bootcamp
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Our Response to Covid-19

In this time of uncertainty due to COVID-19, we help our students make the most out of this period and acquire strong technical skills.
To ensure the safety of our students and staff, we have transitioned Le Wagon Shenzhen’s Spring ‘20 FullStack Web Development Bootcamp to a remote learning environment, guaranteeing a top-quality and engaging experience. 👩‍ 💻

Learn from Home, Like a Pro

By coding and working remotely like many developers, you learn how to adapt and develop your collaboration skills much faster.

Remote learning

Lecture (9:00 AM)

Every day, your lead teacher launches a live lecture at 9:00 a.m. on Zoom.
All students join on time and you can ask your questions at any time during the lecture, like in a real classroom.
All the lectures are filmed and available on Le Wagon's learning platform so that you can watch them later to catch up if you miss a lecture or want to rehearse during the week-end.

Coding Challenges (10:30 - 17:00)

After the lecture, you complete the programming challenges on our learning platform, collaborating with a different classmate every day as you would do in our on-site course. For that, you get immediate help from our teachers and teaching assistants as you would on-campus.
Teacher and teaching assistants provide 1:1 support through video calls on Slack (our instant messaging tool) where they help you solve your problems whenever you are stuck.
Below is an example of how you can post a question (or "ticket") on our platform and receive an immediate answer from a teacher to start a video call.

Coding Challenges
Live Code (17:00 - 18:00)

At 🕔 5:00 p.m, you start the live-code session. Your lead teacher invites all students to join a Zoom meeting where they correct one important challenge of the day, or work on a different challenge introducing new concepts.
As in the morning lecture, you can interact and ask all your questions during the live-code.

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