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From retail manager to application developer in less than 9 weeks

From retail manager to application developer in less than 9 weeks - you read that right! Kevan, a recent graduate from batch #375 landed a job as a developer even before finishing our program! His story details how he made a 180 change in his career in just two months.

From retail manager to application developer in less than 9 weeks
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Before the Bootcamp, Kevan was working as a super market branch manager as part of their operations executive programs where you’re able to run one of their smaller locations. He had a degree in business management but realized that the “retail industry is slowly dying,” he said, “and I wanted to future proof and equip myself with technical skills.” While he was in university, Kevan really liked the problem solving aspects of the programming modules that were part of his degree curriculum, and it “spurred me to pursue this career path,” he said. He researched what the quickest way to transition into the tech industry was and there were a few options available. On the lengthier side, the offerings in Singapore would take a year or two and he ultimately chose Le Wagon because of the duration and how much he would learn in a short period of time; he had also heard good results from our past batches. Aside from our stellar rankings on CourseReport and SwitchUp, many of our students come from direct referrals. Sometimes this extends to our larger Le Wagon network, and the referrals even come from graduates from cities across the globe. The beauty in choosing Le Wagon is the freedom to attend the course at any of our 38 campuses; to view a full list of available campuses, click here

Of course, Kevan’s success was not without hard work. We don’t usually recommend looking for jobs during the program, as preparing and attending interviews take up a chunk of time that is supposed to be spent learning. However, Kevan was determined to meet his own deadline and made it work. With the guidance of our instructors, he not only attended classes everyday from Monday to Friday, from 9am and usually ending past 6 in the evening, but he also “stayed back every day to prepare for the interviews and was on Codewars to practice algorithms,” Kevan said. What worked incredibly well for him was being completely honest with the companies he was interviewing with, and with regards to how much experience he had and how far along he was in his Bootcamp journey. The company he now works for, along with many more are very receptive to hiring Coding Bootcamp graduates. The structure of “Le Wagon is very similar,” Kevan said, referring to the daily challenges students work on in pair programming as part of our course. It really shows our curriculum and teaching styles work when our graduates are able to come out of these technical interviews and finish the challenges set for the interview process more confident than when they go in.

“Le Wagon certainly prepared me well enough for that,” Kevan said. 

Right now, he’s focused on learning and doing the job well. “I think I have a real advantage, my scope as an application developer feels very similar to  the project weeks of the Bootcamp, there are always new features to build and bugs that need to be fixed”. Kevan also has an advantage as a Le Wagon graduate as his company uses JavaScript, which is part of our curriculum. However, “I do have projects I'd like to work on, so I can practice my Ruby,” he said. Kevan has always been interested in building things, another great reason why he chose Le Wagon, because we’re product focused. “With the knowledge I have gained from the program, I think I can pursue my projects,” he said, “I also like the community that it brings,” during and after the course. “Being surrounded by like minded people encouraged you to work harder,” Kevan said. What he’s most looking forward to is actually catching up with his Bootcamp batchmates. “My overall experience is very positive, and we’re close with one another,” he said.

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