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Yes, We Have a Part Time Program. Check It Out Here.

Want to accelerate your career? Le Wagon Shenzhen is now accepting applications for it's first-ever Part-Time Product Development program this April.

Yes, We Have a Part Time Program. Check It Out Here.
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Are you interested in learning to code?

Le Wagon's Shenzhen campus is launching a new Part-Time Product Development program on April 18th, 2020.

The nine-week, part-time program is meant to accelerate students’ careers by teaching them skills like Digital Product Design, WeChat Mini Program development, and Technical Workflow Management. The program benefits professionals who want to improve efficiency at work, job seekers who want to transition into tech, and graduate students who are looking to boost their resume.

Similar to Le Wagon’s full-time offering, part-time program students will team up to build their own WeChat Mini Programs that they’ll then present to the community on graduation, or “Demo Day”.

How does it work?

Students attend night classes every Tuesday and Thursday at Le Wagon’s campus. These classes are taught by professional designers, developers, and product managers living in Shenzhen. Each Saturday, students will spend the entire day on campus designing and building digital products of increasing complexity with both instructors and teaching assistants. 

Le Wagon’s offline learning model is somewhat of a new concept in China. Most education startups that claim to teach coding languages like Python or Javascript attract students with low up-front tuition fees and the promise of learning to code in a few short days! The problem with these online options is that students tend to drop out within weeks, or even days due to a lack of motivation and interest. Le Wagon hopes to solve this problem by motivating students through high-quality peer interaction and hands-on experience building real products people will use.

We're serious about our student's learning outcomes. We intentionally admit only a small number of students so that we can guarantee the quality of the experience for each individual." -- Alex, Le Wagon Shenzhen GM

I'm interested, now what?

Our next Part-Time Product Development program begins April 18th in Shenzhen. If you’re interested in learning more, visit our website at
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