Talk with Akarsh Sanghi, Design Lead at N26 Bank

N26 is clearly a well known disruptor in finance and banking which has made it's mark as a leading Fintech company. With over 400,000 customers in 17 European countries, N26 is expanding its product line-up fast. Currently offering Investment, Savings, Overdraft, Credit and now Insurance. Customers can open their bank account in under 8 minutes and that's pretty much down to a slick user experience. As the design lead we'll hear from Akarsh what it takes to create a bank from scratch and push it to this level becoming a market leader in the new banking movement.

To many, design is often overlooked or rather taken for granted as industry-norm. But there's so much that goes into making your experience memorable that forces you to open an app again and again, that you don't know about. We will hear more stories on the topic from Akarsh.

Akarsh is an alumni from the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design who has previously lived and worked in Delhi, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Singapore and currently Berlin.

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