Talk with Patrick Gagné, Partner & CPO at Taxelco/Téo Taxi

Patrick has an atypical career, before being an entrepreneur he was an architect. But one thing always drove him: innovation. He helped build a wide variety of businesses and adapt their business models to our ever-changing digital world. He developed a passion for urban mobility since his involvement in the development of P$ Mobile Service, the mobile application developed for Stationnement de Montréal. Since fall 2014, he has been involved with Alexandre Taillefer in developing Taxelco and Téo Taxi, where he is Partner and leads Product development and Commercialization.

In this talk, you will hear about his struggle implement a product when it was too early for the industry and how he has done to adapt the environment to his product, his successes by taking advantage of competitors entering the market, and all his lessons and failures that he has turned into success.

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Posted on 21 Dec 2017 by Marie-gabrielle Ayoub

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