Talk with Slade Sundar, lessons from Silicon Valley

The most common startup mistakes... And how to avoid them.

When a venture-backed startup begins to experience employee turnover, missed milestones, and constantly shifting goals - you may just think these are “normal” startup growth pains. But they may also be the first signs of a startup on the verge of collapse.

If you are a Startup founder, employee , or investor - this talk will teach you how to spot critical issues and what steps you need to take before it is too late.

About our speaker:

Slade is a Silicon Valley consultant that works exclusively with startups whose growth has stalled after the first few years and are now facing the grim possibility of shutting down.

He goes “undercover” to fix critical issues by reworking the culture and values, scaling processes, recruiting, building departments, and mentoring management - with the goal of fixing the issues without the media ever finding out that there were issues in the first place.

Prior to consulting , Slade was the COO of RacePartner, a SaaS event registration and crowdfunding startup where he managed growth from 14 employees to 100+ while launching products in international markets to successfully compete head-to-head with publicly-traded industry competitors.

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