Sep 26 2019

Tech is also a woman's world

Did you know that women are under-represented in technical roles at under 20% industry wide? It's as low as 2% at the VC level! At Le Wagon we're proud to be pushing for more gender equality on all our batches worldwide. We took a look at our London data and thought we'd share some awesome stats on our power wagon-women!

Katherine Willis
Katherine Willis

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Tech is also a woman's world
With only 20% tech roles being made up of women, Le Wagon are on a mission to balance this. Why? According to McKinsey, the most gender-diverse companies are 27% more likely to experience above-average profitability, and a report by MSCI shows that having women on the board of a company boosts productivity. We are the educators at the start of this pipe, and we are determined to make change for the companies of the future! 

Our female entrepreneurs rock

Sahar Kahn

Sahar is one of our teachers. When she’s not teaching she’s running ultra-marathons and building her tech startup that enables runners to share training plans, called My Finish Line. She joined for batch 222 with this idea in mind, and has now embarked on her journey as a Founder, and all at only 25 years old. Hopefully she'll help improve the stats on women receiving VC. We’ve had a dig into our data and have found that more women are applying to Le Wagon that want to become entrepreneurs, that’s awesome!
We also attract a lot of creatives and recent graduates to our full-time bootcamp, with more women from big, non-tech companies coming to our part time bootcamp. Here’s an overview of their background on the batch: 

Every female alumni is a role model 

Letizia Ackouay
Letizia is one of our Lebanese students, she’d just graduated from the American University of Beirut when joining Le Wagon. She took a class in Computer Science and really liked it, so started looking into bootcamps, seeking the confidence and skills to land a job in tech after her summer.

Did you know we’ve hosted women from over 20 countries across the world from ages 17-55?! On average, the part time bootcamp has a slightly older demographic. Not sure you believe the age range? Natalie Christmann-Cooper got her first tech job at 48, and you can read about her experience here (she also was raising a family...!)
Average (mean) ages: Part time = 30yrs | Full time = 27yrs 

A strong, kind, nurtured community 

Agota Kcosis
Agota is one of our current part time students of batch #241. She heard about Le Wagon through a friend, as did a fifth of all our women. At Le Wagon we're more than just a community: we're a family. It’s not just coding & creating; it's also regular drinks, inspirational speakers, community events and alumni gatherings. We also have a #london-women slack channel dedicated to supporting our women in the tech space. Others find us through online reviews, see where else you can find out about us: 

Top business contacts, for your future career

Janie Amaro
Like many other of our students, Janie came to our bootcamp with an interesting background and network. She came to Le Wagon having just graduated from her Masters at Kings College London, and Harvard University before that. One of the strengths of the bootcamp is the people you'll meet, and because of the amount of collaboration and teamwork during the course, students make strong bonds for the future. Our women are especially great at this, known to be actively helping their batch-mates and alumni upon graduation. Janie is now a Full Stack Engineer at Appear [here]! Here are a few other companies where out female grads have ended up:
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