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These tech products were made in China!

9 intensive weeks, 360 hours of code at Le Wagon Shanghai, an acceleration journey from zero to hero. Take a glance at the six products our students of Batch# 272 created!

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A platform for local home cooks to sell their food creations to a network foodies
A location-based platform for hackers and project owners to post their profiles and follow/contact those they want to work with.
With InterViewer's automation abilities you can simply set your hiring preferences and requirements. Spend more time with candidates and less on scheduling interviews and finding applicants.

A platform where people could create sports events and let others join spontaneously.

A fun and educational WeChat mini program for Chinese slang words and phrases, connecting all Chinese speaker.

A website that takes in the data (such as an excel file) and automatically generates the report, allows multiple users to collaborate.

Waiyan Oo, Nicole Gerbauld, Oki Pooamorn, Richard Sugianto So, Olivia Shi and Zachary Goodnough are one of the authors of the above six products. Before the bootcamp, none of them knew anything about coding. They came from different backgrounds and we taught them how to make the world a better place with new tech skills.

Our students built these products from scratch in only 2 weeks! 

Join us and you can do it too!

Credit: Tiantian Gao, Le Wagon China team
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