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Arne, from retail to web development

Technical skills are in high demand in today’s job market, and the world of tech continues to draw people with various backgrounds and competencies. For some, learning how to code means upskilling in their current field, for others, it's a way to start on a completely new walk of life. But what does it take to become a career changer?

Arne, from retail to web development
Featuring graduate Arne Lamo Pedersen Full-stack Developer in MyFoodOffice More about Arne Lamo
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Meet Arne, a frontend developer at MyFoodOffice. 

Arne decided that it was time to take a new turn on his career at age 43. He had always been interested in coding, but busy with a career in retail, he struggled to find the time to pursue his passion. At some point, however, he started to think about programming as a career opportunity. That’s why he chose to join Le Wagon’s Web Development Course in Oslo, in June 2019. 

It's a fun and challenging course, which gives you a great platform for starting a career as a developer. It is intense and you need to stay focused, but you will gain great insight into both frontend and backend development. 

He was a part of a very diverse summer batch, with a lot of international students. In recent years, Oslo has become one of the fastest-growing startup hubs in Europe and it naturally attracts people who consider pursuing a career in tech. 

It was a great learning and social experience. It was cool to connect to many awesome people from all over the world. On Fridays, after a long week, we used to go out and have a good time together. The social aspect of the bootcamp is an important part of the whole adventure! 

Arne knew that the course gave him good foundations to further grow as a developer. After graduation, he quickly got down to expanding his coding knowledge and getting closer to achieving his goal of becoming a programmer.

After the bootcamp I decided to learn React, and then proceeded with Redux and Saga. I also dived deeper into Javascript and specifically ES6. I was as well actively looking for a job in tech. 

The effort put into deepening the programming knowledge and polishing the coding skills paid off. Soon after graduation, Arne got a position of a frontend developer in an Oslo-based startup, MyFoodOffice. Currently, he works on the platform that allows food producers to have full control of all their products. Arne underlines that working as a developer means constantly mastering new skills, and this is exactly what makes the job exciting and challenging. 

On a daily basis, we use React as our main frontend framework, so through that I also make use of Vanilla JS, working with APIs and some CSS as well. This has also allowed me to dig into other libraries for more specific use cases, get more familiar with Git, and occasionally get a peek into the backend.  

When it comes to advising future students, Arne highlights that commitment is the key to success. 

My advice would be not to underestimate the intensity of the course. Do your prep work and don't be late for classes. Also, make sure to get enough sleep. If you can manage this, you will have a great time. 

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