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Helen, from an idea to a product

Helen has graduated in the field of educational sciences. During her studies, she realized that many of her fellow students suffer from loneliness and exclusion, and she decided to target the issue. That’s when she came up with an idea for her project: a platform that would allow shy students to reconnect and make friends in a stress-free way.

Helen, from an idea to a product
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After months of self-teaching, Helen decided to enroll in Le Wagon Web Development Course in Oslo, in August 2019. This is how she describes her journey with Le Wagon. 

"I have been passionate about the issue of educational inequality and it led me to research more on the topic. During my studies, I noticed that an increasing number of students are feeling lonely, and struggle to feel connected with others. I saw the need for students to meet with fellow likeminded individuals in order to spend time in a meaningful way. This led to the idea of a website where people could form small-sized study groups, based on their passions and interests. 

I decided to join the web development course to acquire the knowledge necessary to bring my project to life. 

The bootcamp was intense. There were times when I was tired and stressed, but I never regretted my decision. First, there were the people. My classmates were supportive and willing to help, whether big or small, and we often discussed our struggles and accomplishments. You really feel the fulfillment of learning something new every day and seeing our progress in comparison to the first day was the kind of pure happiness you had when you were a child (or maybe I’m just being a nerd here).

Before starting the web development course, I was scared of burnout and not being able to catch up. So I told myself that what was important is to enjoy the process and to make some good friends. 

Despite all the ups and downs, everyone graduated after nine weeks with their own baby project on the web! And I even made one good friend along the way, and that is all I wanted to achieve through the website idea I had.

At the end of the course, my idea for a platform that would connect introvert students through learning was chosen to be presented at our Demo Day. For the final project, I was lucky enough to have two other team members working with me to build the MVP of the study group website. The process was hard and enjoyable at the same time. In the end, I also had the pleasure to present our final project on stage, marking this very shy person’s first public speaking experience. Le Wagon has been a pain and sweet journey, and there is more to learn."

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