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With the right support nothing is impossible

I could have been very comfortable in Finance, especially at my age, but I wasn’t happy with being comfortable. I wanted to challenge myself!

With the right support nothing is impossible
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I could have been very comfortable in Finance, especially at my age, but I wasn’t happy with being comfortable. I wanted to challenge myself!

What were you doing before Le Wagon and what led you to enroll?

I was a qualified accountant for 17 years before Le Wagon and it was getting a bit boring for me. I wanted to do something that was creative and software development seemed like the ideal solution. Le Wagon had some great reviews and the course was going to give me the best chance for a career change.

Did you have any difficulties with learning during the Bootcamp, and (if so) how did you get over them?

The bootcamp is fast paced and there is a lot squeezed into a fairly short space of time. That combined with the fact that I’m not as young as I used to be meant it was difficult to stay on top of what you learned at certain times. To overcome these difficulties it helped that there is such a great support environment at Le Wagon. I was able to stay after class to go over concepts or difficulties and the teachers were always happy to help, no matter how trivial the problem. There are also plenty of resources online to consider as well.

How did you stay motivated throughout the course?

Before I enrolled on the course I had given this a lot of thought and knew this was definitely the future for me. The course was very engaging and the teachers were exceptional in explaining the different concepts and how they all fit together. I was also surrounded by peers who were in a similar situation as me. And there was the dread of going back to Finance if I didn’t make it work!!

What was the best part of your bootcamp experience?

Towards the end all the threads came together and working on the final project meant everything started to make sense. Getting that lightbulb moment is incredible and made it feel like I was making good progress.

What’s your experience post Le Wagon? What are you doing now? How long did it take you to find a job afterwards?

I had an internship lined up before I left Le Wagon. I came across it towards the end. After the internship I landed a junior software role at a big betting and gaming company. I’m now working with a friend on his new business and helping with databases and front-end work.

What was the most valuable takeaway from Le Wagon for you?

With the right support nothing is impossible. I could have been very comfortable in Finance, especially at my age, but I wasn’t happy with being comfortable. I wanted to challenge myself and with hard work and Le Wagon’s incredible staff I am well on my way to making it happen.
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