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Working from Home? Be More Effective With These 5 Tips!

We know a lot of you are working from home right now. So are we. Over the past few months, we've learned a lot about how to maximize Remote Work productivity and wanted to share some tips.

Working from Home? Be More Effective With These 5 Tips!
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1. Work when you're most productive.

Regular work hours (09:00 - 17:00) is so 2019. When working from home, plan your schedule around when you're most effective.

If you're a morning person, start your workday right when you wake up. I've personally found that I'm most creative when diving into projects at 7:30 AM. Only after working for a couple of hours in the morning do I take a break to get up and make breakfast.

If you're a night person, don't worry about sleeping in until 9:00 AM or 10:00 AM. After dinner, get back to your computer and continue working on those projects at your peak effectiveness.

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2. Set up a dedicated workspace.

Separating your living area from your work area is critical to getting in the right mindset for work. Here are some important things to improve your home office environment.

1. Quiet. Preferably a door to separate you from others in your house.

2. A Good Chair. Ergonomics is the word to use here. Get a chair that keeps your neck and back straight. Proper posture will keep you focused for longer and prevent suffering later on.

3. A Computer Monitor. If you're like me and use your computer constantly, having a separate monitor can change your life. More desktop space allows for more app or browser windows and cuts down on time switching from one to the other.

4. Plants. Sometimes bringing a little bit of outside inside can brighten your mood.

5. Sunlight. Why not get a tan while you're working? Window glass actually blocks the bad UV light that causes sunburn, while allowing the good UV light that produces Vitamin D.

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3. Take breaks often.

Have you ever sat in front of your computer screen wondering what it is you were supposed to be doing? Time for a break.

Walk your dog, sweep the floor, make lunch, call a friend, any of these can help you reset and replan your day ahead. Schedule these breaks once every hour to increase productivity and effectiveness throughout the day.
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4. Embrace video calls. 

Since many of us have switched to remote working style, it's good to understand a new set of manners about video calls.

Wear comfortable clothes but not a pyjama, mute when you are not talking, position the camera better so you're looking at it. Take some time digging into the details that will help your efficiency and profession while doing a video call.

5. Clearly define your "off hours".

This is something we've all had trouble with while working in China. With our clients, students, and bosses all on WeChat, it's tough to separate your work from personal life.

However, setting clear boundaries is a must when working remotely. For example, at 6:00 PM, I conclude all my work-related conversations and leave my home workspace to go for a run or walk outside.

Having this boundary allows you to not only relax and clear your mind in the evening but also leaves you rested and ready to start the day the next morning.

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