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Re-invent work.
By learning code and technology.

Learn digital skills to change the way people work in your organisation. Work faster, be more efficient.

Our last corporate workshop "One Day of Code"

Workshops & Sprints designed for your company

Through 2-hour talks, one-day workshops or one-week prototyping sprints, we will teach you UI/UX Design, Product Management and web-development.

One workshop
for each of your goals

Learn UI / UX

Visible things makes communication easier. Learn to build wireframes and mockups to discuss your ideas.

Learn Web Design

Build your own icons, keep control of your website without always depending on contractors.

Learn Product Management

User stories, collaborative workflow. Learn the good way to work on a project within a team.

Learn Data Science

Collect data, analyze it, make it speak through visualisation.

Learn lean Prototyping

APIs are eating the world. Discover how startups can prototype products just by connecting APIs.

Discover our formats

Motivate your teammates: give them the opportunity to learn how to code

1 full day, two workshops

Improve communication between technical and marketing teams

7 workshops to help your non-technical teams understand the role of a web developer

Transform project managers into “Product Owners”

1 year of workshops on 6 different themes

Improve the ability of your HR team to evaluate technical talents

5 workshops about the web developer role

Foster intraspreneurship by providing adequate resources

1 set of workshops on frontend and backend development to learn how to launch an MVP.

Deliver faster by adopting a startup culture

3 workshops on web development and the workflow of a startup

They work with us.