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La prossima batch - gen 11, 2020 (R$17.500)

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Con il nostro bootcamp part-time da 24 settimane o a tempo pieno da 9 settimane, programmerai diverse applicazioni web e il tuo progetto personale. Crea un solido portfolio Github e impara a lavorare all'interno di un tech team!

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Join the most thriving tech scene in Brazil

Our full stack coding bootcamp in Belo Horizonte will teach you how to code within 9 weeks of immersive web development. Known to locals as BH ('bay-ah-gah'), Belo Horizonte was named for its beautiful view of surrounding mountains. Known for the good cachaça, unique cuisine, dubbed by the New York Times as the bar capital of Brazil, BH is home to a burgeoning startup scene: from trendy startups to household names – the city was chosen by Google to host their regional engineering campus.

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Av. Afonso Pena, 2881

Guaja is the home of the creative community in Belo Horizonte. This is a place to work, learn and connect with others to inspire and be inspired, putting the students in touch with a lively ecosystem that will help unleashing all their creative power! Belo Horizonte is the perfect place to learn how to code and acquire new skills following a top-notch curriculum.

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  • gen 11, 2020 - giu 20, 2020 (Part-time - R$17.500) Apply now

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Il prossimo bootcamp di Belo Horizonte inizia il gen 11, 2020