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Hiring developers from Le Wagon coding bootcamp
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Hiring developers from Le Wagon coding bootcamp

They are top recruiters

Amazon Hired 6 graduates
FindMyLost S.R.L. Hired 1 graduates
Frontier Car Group Hired 1 graduates
Funding Circle Deutschland GmbH Hired 1 graduates
Google Hired 5 graduates
Hackbright Academy Hired 1 graduates
HYLE Hired 1 graduates
IBM Hired 2 graduates "Tech Scalerator" Hired 1 graduates
Le Wagon Hired 34 graduates
Making Social Hired 1 graduates
Upvest Hired 1 graduates

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Frontier Car Group
FindMyLost S.R.L.
Funding Circle Deutschland GmbH
Hackbright Academy
IBM "Tech Scalerator"
Making Social
Startup Grind
The Fool
Digital Forest
Gap Multimedia s.r.l.
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