After completing Le Wagon program, I was hired by Stripe to work on Operations in France.

Why did you join Le Wagon?

Coming from a business background, I co-founded Sparkup during my final year in business school. Sparkup is a communal fund to help entrepreneurs mobilize funding from their network. At that time, I was spending lots of time writing specs and user stories for the developer company we were working with. Our relationships with their developers were great but each product iteration was way too long. For this reason, I decided to get more involved in product development by joining Le Wagon.

Olivier Godement at Stripe

What did you do after the FullStack program?

After Le Wagon, I spent a whole month coding at Sparkup while keeping my title of product manager. The skills I acquired enabled me to challenge developers and introduce a lot of good practices into our workflow and development process.

After leaving my startup, I gained interest in the API and developers market. It’s a fast growing industry with great companies such as Heroku, Docker or Stripe - I applied to Stripe, they liked a lot my combination of business and tech skills and offered me to join their nascent French team.

Olivier Godement at Stripe

How does Le Wagon stand out from similar programs in Europe?

The program has two key strengths:

  • A very demanding curriculum that teaches in-depth programming basics and software architecture
  • A very hands-on approach focusing on product development's methodology and workflow (heroku, git, etc.)

I feel like the coding bootcamp industry in Europe is getting crowded. Le Wagon main strength lies in its solid program that teaches both essential technical skills and a strong product mindset.

Stripe Paris team work

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