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As you know, technology is everywhere! Websites and mobile applications are constantly evolving, and companies need to hire the best tech profiles. Fullstack developer, Product Owner, UX Designer… each of these jobs has specific challenges! Here is an overview of their missions and the required skills to succeed in these positions. If you are interested in any of these jobs, our Web Development course could help you develop your tech skills to achieve your goals.

What is a Growth Marketer?

Marketing is as old as business, but Growth Marketing is a fairly new niche within the world of marketing. It came on the scene, in fact, around the same time as the boom of tech startups... Read more

What Is a Back End Developer? The Web Developer Job That Works Back Stage

Web Development is a layered field that requires a variety of Web Development professionals to make it run smoothly. There has to be someone who designs and runs the interface for the app... Read more

What Is a UI Designer?

In many ways, a UI Designer seems like simply a more focused UX Designer. After all, User Interface is all part of the user experience. However, it’s an important part of any user experie... Read more

What Is a Front End Developer?

In the development of every web application or software program, there are two sides, much like a coin. On the Back End is server logic and databases, while the Front End is what users se... Read more

What Is a Product Manager?

With a product like a web application, software, or webpage, it takes a whole team to make sure that the development and implementation all runs smoothly. At the head of this team is the ... Read more

What Is a Full Stack Developer?

In the world of software programming, it helps to have someone on the team who is something of a jack of all trades. They can help with various stages of development and have the versatil... Read more

What Is a UX Designer?

UX stands for “User eXperience. UX Designers design and optimize the experience between users, as well as the interactions between users and the business. Read more

What Is a Product Owner?

When you think about ownership, it’s more than just having a thing. It’s also taking on the responsibility for the thing you own. It’s about keeping what you own in good shape and peak pe... Read more

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