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From lawyer to developer and entrepreneur in less than 6 months
With programming it’s always black and white, and I guess that’s why I really like to code.
Featuring Viola Stöckli
Le Wagon, Batch #71, Lisbon
Seraphin snags €1.2M in investment
Le Wagon Brussels alumni Thomas Vanderstraeten is Seraphin’s cofounder and CTO. The company just raised €1.2M and Thomas did us the honor of sharing his story and telling us what led him to be where he is today.
Featuring Thomas Vanderstraeten
Le Wagon, Batch #23, Brussels
From business school student to digital nomad & CEO at Hubum
Digital nomad at heart, design enthusiast and great fan of electro sound, Thomas Chrétien just launched Hubum, a curation platform of Vinyl releases.
Featuring Thomas Chrétien
Le Wagon, Batch #3, Paris
The code injection that changed Rui's life
When you can build a product, however small it may be and everything works, it is super rewarding.
Featuring Rui Jorge
Le Wagon, Batch #49, Lisbon
Seeding 1.2M with his startup built after Le Wagon
Launched in 2014, Kudoz has just raised 1,2 million euros with Schibsted Media Group, the investor of Leboncoin & MonsieurDrive.
Featuring Olivier Xu
Le Wagon, Batch #1, Paris
Roger Scott, Product Manager at PSafe
Doing Le Wagon in Brazil is a great option both for people interested in discovering a country while learning new skills.
Featuring Roger Scott
Le Wagon, Batch #34, São Paulo

What our students think of us

Catherine Oxley

I always knew I was interested in becoming a Web Developer but I was doing a non-technical degree at university an... Read more

Catherine Oxley
Batch #54, London
Published on Course Report, 05 May 2017
Sosuke Ebina

Before I started the wagon, I was a marketing manager of IT company in Japan. After few years of working on projec... Read more

Sosuke Ebina
Batch #78, Tokyo
Published on SwitchUp, 04 Oct 2017
Khalid Abubaker

Technology is something that I always liked, that's why I decided to major in computer engineering. It was that mo... Read more

Khalid Abubaker
Batch #78, Tokyo
Published on Course Report, 17 Oct 2017
Julie Pierre

I graduated in 2013 from a business school with a specialisation in finance, then worked for 3 years in startups b... Read more

Julie Pierre
Batch #43, Paris
Published on Course Report, 13 Mar 2017
Diosa Taylor

Before Le Wagon, I spent about a year doing various online courses to try to learn how to code. They taught me the... Read more

Diosa Taylor
Batch #62, Amsterdam
Published on Course Report, 05 Jan 2017
Thibault Derennes

I was one of the student of batch #77 in Montreal (summer 2017) and my only regret about LeWagon is that I didn't ... Read more

Thibault Derennes
Batch #77, Montréal
Published on Course Report, 27 Sep 2017

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