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Launching a startup in Montreal: Le Wagon spurred my desire to become an entrepreneur
Gabriel Poissant is one of Le Wagon Montreal’s pioneering alumni. Over the last 10 days of the bootcamp, he and his team developed a web product that became ...
Featuring Gabriel Poissant
Le Wagon, Batch #63, Montréal
How Le Wagon helped me turn my startup MVP into a true product
I had started with a very drafty MVP before Le Wagon but the complete operating platform was built from scratch as a project in the final weeks of the bootcamp.
Featuring Luciano Montezzo
Le Wagon, Batch #64, São Paulo
Carolyn aced her job interview with a CV chatbot
Coding isn’t that different from knitting. It’s all about patterns.
Featuring Carolyn Johnson
Le Wagon, Batch #62, Amsterdam
From lawyer to developer and entrepreneur in less than 6 months
With programming it’s always black and white, and I guess that’s why I really like to code.
Featuring Viola Stöckli
Le Wagon, Batch #71, Lisbon
The code injection that changed Rui's life
When you can build a product, however small it may be and everything works, it is super rewarding.
Featuring Rui Jorge
Le Wagon, Batch #49, Lisbon
Etienne Curati co-founder ProgramaThor
How I became the CTO of my own startup with no coding background thanks to Le Wagon.
Featuring Etienne Curati
Le Wagon, Batch #46, São Paulo

What our students think of us

Jared Guyer

I am an American, and because of this many people have asked me why I chose Le Wagon. The answer for the choice is... Read more

Jared Guyer
Batch #111, Berlin
Published on Switch Up, 19 Jan 2018
Clara Morgeneyer

Having a background in law I had no idea of programming (besides some rudimentary HTML knowledge from school) and ... Read more

Clara Morgeneyer
Batch #111, Berlin
Published on Switch Up, 16 Jan 2018
Alexander Pieczka

I never really had the courage to actually get behind a computer and start learning coding all by myself. I though... Read more

Alexander Pieczka
Batch #111, Berlin
Published on Switch Up, 17 Jan 2018
John Fish

I can recommend Le Wagon without hesitation. They will teach you to code, for sure, but more than that, after nine... Read more

John Fish
Batch #92, Berlin
Published on Switch Up, 11 Jan 2017
Nhung Nguyen

I joined Le Wagon Berlin in July 2017 after having finished my Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering with a sp... Read more

Nhung Nguyen
Batch #92, Berlin
Published on Switch Up, 12 Jan 2017
Sey Cheon

Pros: The concluding goal of the bootcamp is having 2 prototype rails project up and running on Heroku. It is very... Read more

Sey Cheon
Batch #92, Berlin
Published on Switch Up, 10 Jan 2017

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