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Retail to Le Wagon, the springboard for building my mobile app

Before Le Wagon I was a sales assistant at a retail store, and was doing this for just under 5 years. I’ve always had an interest in technology and knew eventually this is the sector in which I would like to build a career, but didn’t have the relevant experience or qualifications, so I took the plunge and embarked on the Le Wagon bootcamp. I'm now working for Hoxton Digital, a web agency built by alumni, and I'll never look back.

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After reading the raving reviews of Le Wagon, I decided that this was the course for me and I am so pleased it did.

I’d say the first three weeks were the most challenging for me. I joined Le Wagon having relatively no coding experience so I was digesting totally new languages and concepts. It was hard to get my head around all the new information but the teachers were always on hand when I needed them. Honestly, I didn’t expect to learn so much in the 9 weeks so I was really surprised. Friday evenings were great, the vibe is super informal and we'd have beers with fellow students and the staff. It was like a family. What was also great is live code, when all the students go back into the lecture room for a final session of the day. 

We coded together to solve problems and it helped to ensure we've really understood the concepts. It was always a fun end to the day!

If I were to give advice to anyone thinking about doing Le Wagon, I'd say don't compare yourself to others. Learn at your own pace. If you need help, ask for it. I always took too long to ask for help thinking I’ll be able to crack the case! I'm really happy to say that within a week of graduating I was hired by Hoxton Digital, which is a web agency built by Le Wagon alumni and who now work in the co-working space in the office. I'm still part of the family in London and I get to fulfil my goal of building a mobile app. 

Doing the Full-Stack bootcamp has given me the tools and understanding I need to go on to pick up the other languages needed to do this! So it's really exciting. 
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