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Le Wagon is a Coding school teaching Web Development and Data Science through immersive bootcamps. Our cutting-edge curriculum and world-class teachers give students all the skills and tools needed to kick-start their tech career, land a job as Engineers or Product Managers, become freelancers or launch their own startup.

Created in 2013 by Boris Paillard, Romain Paillard and Sébastien Saunier, Le Wagon is now a team of 100+ people worldwide, working to make an impact on the future of education. With a huge network of corporate partners and a strong alumni community, Le Wagon has become a key stakeholder in local tech communities worldwide.

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Le Wagon Tokyo launches its first Data Science bootcamp (Japanese)
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Developers still kings and queens of tech jobs through Covid
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Briser les stéréotypes dans les milieux de la technologie
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法国编程训练营Le Wagon获1900万美元首轮融资,将继续拓展国际市场
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编程热只停留在少儿阶段?「Le Wagon」认为“成人编程教育”正当时
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Le Wagon raises $19M to build a global coding bootcamp
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Want to make your company more innovative? Teach your staff to code
Sifted Feb 11, 2020
Une cohorte majoritairement féminine dans une école de programmation mon...
Journal de Montréal Feb 11, 2020
Le Wagon lance sa première formation intensive en data science
Les Echos Start Feb 4, 2020
There's always jobs for digitally skilled workers.
Valor Economico Jan 16, 2020
Le Wagon pushes for more women in Tech
L'AGEFI Jan 15, 2020
China’s Internet Is Flowering. And It Might Be Our Future.
New York Times Nov 13, 2019
Foreign startups find China attractive amid capital winter
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Fulfilling Tech Demand :Top Coding Bootcamp sees first batch of graduates
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The Man Behind Japan’s First Coding Bootcamp Le Wagon
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Coding School Le Wagon launches first part-time bootcamp in Brussels
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Marseille, the new capital of coding
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Le Wagon lance une formation montréalaise
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L'école de codage Le Wagon lance une formation à temps partiel en septem... Jun 7, 2019
Désormais, il ne faudra plus quitter son job pour apprendre à coder!
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Le Wagon featured on the 1st page of AGEFI
L'AGEFI Jun 6, 2019
With the right team, any problem can be faced and overcome
La Nación Apr 28, 2019
Le Wagon launches its part-time bootcamp (Japanese)
TechCrunch Japan Apr 24, 2019
Le Wagon launches part-time coding bootcamps
Techcrunch Apr 23, 2019
Le Wagon dans PME Magazine
PME Magazine Apr 11, 2019
The world's best coding bootcamp is coming to Oslo
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French coding bootcamp Le Wagon is arriving in Singapore
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Todas y todos pueden programar
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Une formation continue peut-elle pallier le choc technologique ? Retours...
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Le Wagon ouvre un troisième campus en Chine
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Took Europe by storm: now 2 coding bootcamps are coming to Norway Feb 14, 2019
L’apprentissage du code prend de l’ampleur chez les entrepreneurs
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Le Wagon's will to fuel the African tech scenes by our driver Hanae Bezad
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L'arrivée du Wagon en Suisse
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Le Wagon from France will open its third branch in China
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Le Wagon from France will open its third branch in China
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Hai 9 settimane per diventare un web developer, ecco il corso Le Wagon
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Presentazione della scuola Le Wagon a Palazzo Castiglioni
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Approda in Italia Le Wagon, il miglior bootcamp al mondo che forma svilu...
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Raffaele Gaito (Growth Hacker) e Francesco Ecclesie (Le Wagon)
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Programming Training Camp Le Wagon will open Shenzhen Branch
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Le Wagon, the “Coding Bootcamp” made in France already trained 4000 deve...
#techsnooper Nov 28, 2018
Where to Learn How to Code in London
London Evening Standard Nov 23, 2018
Marie-Gabrielle Ayoub, cofondatrice du Wagon Montréal
Baron Mag Nov 8, 2018
La “women coding academy” ouvre bientôt ses portes
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Social Builder and Le Wagon are launching the Women Coding Academy
L'ADN Nov 7, 2018
Could you become a software developer in nine weeks?
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On parle du Wagon dans Bilan
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Loubna Azghoud: "Les femmes doivent prendre leur place dans la tech"
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"I dreamt I was in Israel": Stories of Israel's New Immigrants
Kan News Sep 30, 2018
[UNLEASH Hackathon] 西南首届国际黑客松公路物流破解者在成都精彩落幕
先减再加 Sep 29, 2018
Le Wagon ouvre ses portes à Lausanne
GGBA Sep 25, 2018
"Lions @frica et Le Wagon au Maroc ont annoncé la conclusion d’un parten...
La Nouvelle Tribune Sep 21, 2018
The Wagon trains the web developers of tomorrow
La Voix du Nord Sep 4, 2018
"Discover the components in your food products, and a way to encourage k...
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The Druze Entrepreneur who Brought the Coding Giant to Tel Aviv
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Le Wagon Japan Expansion
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In the making: Le Wagon Coding Bootcamp – How 2 corporate professionals ...
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Le Wagon : Le Code, Un Outil D’Emancipation Pour Les Femmes
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Le Wagon : Le Code, Un Outil D’Emancipation Pour Les Femmes
Forbes Jul 20, 2018
Le Wagon roule déjà dans 16 pays
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Le Wagon, teaching programing all around the world
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Learn to Code with These UK Coding Courses
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naked Hub and Le Wagon combine co-working with tech training
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Comment Le Wagon forme les développeurs en un temps record dans le monde...
French May 15, 2018
Le Wagon tem cinco bolsas para portuguesas "techies"
Sapo Tech May 9, 2018
Le Wagon Lisbon lança bolsa de estudo para ensinar mulheres a programar
Expresso May 9, 2018
Tecnologia: Bootcamp mundial de programação oferece bolsas a mulheres po...
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Your guide to entrepreneurship programs in Chengdu
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Arriva a Milano il bootcamp del coding
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Pas d’âge pour apprendre à coder
Welcome to the Jungle Mar 1, 2018
The french coding bootcamp, Le Wagon, arrives to Argentina
iProfesional Feb 26, 2018
Dynamic Business Feb 26, 2018
"The course is the first such digital entrepreneurial scheme in North Af...
The Arab Weekly Feb 25, 2018
No. 1 coding bootcamp arrives to Argentina
Pulso Social Feb 21, 2018
Le Wagon, the french Coding Bootcamp, opens office in Argentina
Canal AR Feb 15, 2018
Ex-HSBC Trader Scouts Financiers to Become Born-Again Coders
Bloomberg Feb 15, 2018
French coding bootcamp for entrepreneurs Le Wagon expands to Australia
Australian Anthill Feb 9, 2018
Le Wagon coding school opens in Australia to teach entrepreneurs and cre...
Itwire Feb 7, 2018
Le Wagon Launches To Give Entrepreneurs Tech Skills
LifeHacker Feb 6, 2018
France’s Startup Scene tackles the question “Can you teach someone to be...
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Le Wagon circles down under
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"On the Moroccan launch, co-founder and CEO of Le Wagon, Boris Paillard ...
Code Like a Girl Feb 5, 2018
Coding-Drill auf Bali
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Les fondateurs de l'école Le Wagon roulent vers le succès
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ESCP et Le Wagon forment des cadres dirigeants au code
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Boris, Romain et Sébastien, Le Wagon : “L’éducation a un wagon de retard...
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"Une première au Maroc. L’école internationale de programmation informat...
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EDHEC innovates and joins the global bootcamp Le Wagon
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"Be it only for the positive signal it may bring to females out there se...
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Le Wagon apre a Milano la sua scuola di coding
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Oscar Edel, Le Wagon : "My first three weeks at Le Wagon Amsterdam"
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Intensive course teaches how to create apps and digital products
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Love Japan? Learn to code
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Entrepreneurs bring French coding school to Brazil
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Bootcamp i Baggården (Podcast in Danish)
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Le Wagon, une initiative française sur les rails du codage au Québec
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AFrogLeap : "Carolyn aced her job interview with a CV chatbot"
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Apprendre à coder, le nouveau sésame
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In Lille, "le Wagon" trains high-speed web developers
Le Figaro Etudiant Jun 5, 2017
遍布全球19城,LeWagon 要做科技教育行业的奢侈品
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Changer de carrière en 9 semaines grâce aux femmes et à l’inclusivité
Journal Métro Apr 30, 2017
A ‘bootcamp’ in Rio
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Le Wagon Japan (Japanese)
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Le Wagon is the main coding school in Europe – see the cases!
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How Le Wagon is quietly becoming a major coding bootcamp in Europe
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Learn to code then work right away
Le Monde Aug 18, 2016
How Le Wagon is quietly becoming a major coding bootcamp in Europe
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French coding school Le Wagon starts up in Brazil
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The Wagon arrives in Nantes to train future enterpreneurs
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Le Wagon Lisbon. Qualquer um pode desenvolver o seu próprio negócio onli...
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Ny bootcamp for kodere (Article in Danish) Feb 28, 2016
Le Wagon initie les entrepreneurs à la programmation
Le Soir Mar 17, 2015
L'école de codage 'Le Wagon' arrive à Bruxelles
Datanews Aug 14, 2014
Embarquez dans "Le Wagon" et apprenez le code en neuf semaines
Trends Jun 27, 2014