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Since 2013, we have taught people the skills they need to land their dream job in tech, launch their startup, or change careers. Through immersive bootcamps in web development and data, we offer a life-changing learning experience!

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Le Wagon graduate
Le Wagon graduate
Le Wagon graduate
Le Wagon graduate
Le Wagon graduate
Le Wagon graduate

Unlock your potential.
Learn tech skills today.

We are strongly convinced that tech is for everyone and we support you to achieve your goals whatever your project.
Le Wagon now boasts a community of 22,000 graduates from all walks of life, including a lot of entrepreneurs who created
213 tech startups and raised $820M+ globally.

Le Wagon graduate
Le Wagon graduate
Le Wagon graduate
Le Wagon graduate
Le Wagon graduate
Le Wagon graduate

Co-Founding team

Le Wagon was created in 2013 by Boris Paillard, Romain Paillard and Sébastien Saunier with the aim to build a program to teach people the skills and tools to bring their ideas to life as they felt that traditional degrees’ courses were failing to provide students with these new tech skills.

Why 'Le Wagon'?
As we say in French : L’éducation supérieure a 'un wagon de retard'.

An idiom that could be literally translated into: 'Higher education has missed the train'.

It points to this idea of a 'missing block' or 'missing wagon' in the “train of higher education”. And a wagon is a vehicle that takes a group of people (like a class of students) on a journey to a destination. This is exactly what our bootcamps are about!
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More than a bootcamp.
Join a global tech network for life.

By choosing Le Wagon, you are joining a supportive community of alumni, teachers, tech recruiters. Benefit from life-long access to the course material, and to our network job offers.






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