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Introduction to GraphQL

Learn the basics of GraphQL bring your back-end and thus your entire product to the next level.

Introduction to GraphQL
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GraphQL is a data query language developed by Facebook in 2012 that has been used in its mobile apps since then. With an official open source draft in 2015, it is still in its infancy but provides a serious alternative to the dominant RESTful standards.

GraphQL offers to solve the problems engineers might be facing when building APIs in a mobile-oriented world by offloading data-fetching responsibilities from the client and allowing it to focus on its primary functions: asking for information and displaying it.

While a nascent technology it has been progressively adopted by companies like GitHub, Yelp, Shoppify and more.

This talk will cover the basics of GraphQL and present the core concepts to help you bring your back-end and thus your entire product to the next level.
Speaker: Glenn Sonna, Tech lead freelance and GraphQL advocate.

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