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How Julien combined a management background with a new career in web development

Meet Julien: alumnus from Le Wagon Montréal’s coding bootcamp, entrepreneur and passionate about web development he is now project manager at Symetris.

How Julien combined a management background with a new career in web development
Featuring graduate Julien Pauss Project Manager in Symetris More about Julien
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" What I like the most about web development is its magical side. You can do extraordinary things using very few lines of code. "

Entrepreneur and project manager at Symetris, Julien Pauss had a technical need to develop new features on his website : he needed to learn to code.

As an entrepreneur, his expectations were also to acquire some soft skills, to be able to develop a digital product, to work in a team, and how to make it work well in the digital world.

" Le Wagon has fully met my expectations. It’s an entirely new experience in which within two months, you learn something totally new and meet lots of new people. It’s really a timeless experience that enables you to learn new things. "

He emphasizes the teaching methods and the exchanges with the teachers.

" They are people who are not from the digital world and who are able to teach you how to code in a very simple way. "

He completes: " What I like most about my position as a project manager is that it is a position that allows me to combine my expertise — that I have been able to acquire these last two years as a developer — with my academic background in management and, therefore, it is really the perfect job for me. "

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