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It’s Le Wagon’s 8th birthday today and here is our 2021 in review

In 8 years, over 13 000 students have learned to code and changed their lives with Le Wagon. We are very humbled to have been part of so many of their journeys and help them to succeed by teaching them the coding skills of tomorrow. Here is to another year - hurray!

 It’s Le Wagon’s 8th birthday today and here is our 2021 in review
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We're celebrating our 8th year this month! 🥳
Back in 2014, we launched our very first coding bootcamp in Paris. Today, we have 44 campuses worldwide but our mission remains unchanged: helping people and organisations succeed by teaching them the skills of tomorrow 🚀
Since 8 years, we’re constantly improving our tools and our Web Development and Data Science curriculums to provide the best learning experience. We are therefore very pleased to be rated 4,98/5 by our students!
Above all, we’re so proud of our wonderful community of 13,500 graduates and of everything they’ve achieved during and since the bootcamp 👏🔥

Discover our proudest moments in our 8th birthday infographic:
We're celebrating our 8th birthday 🥳

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