Coding, surfing, indian summer... For about a week, the 20 participants of Le Wagon Surfcamp are experiencing the Californian way of life, hidden in the middle of the wood near Soustons, France.

Welcome to paradise

The little tribe is doing well. Already checking the swell between two lines of code, they all catched up the surfing vibes and won't return to their civil life undammaged. Yep. Who never dreamed of masterizing the arcanes of Ruby and Rails in a warm day, enjoying the shadow of the nearest tree, sipping on a coldie and waiting for the low tide? Sounds good hum?

Nice set-up at the Surf Guest House

To be honest, the daily routine at the surf guest house tends to be appreciated by everyone. How could it be different? The food of the Czech chef is amazing, the skate mini-ramp never stays alone very long and the whole staff takes care of us all as we were part of the family.

"This is a brillant idea as it solves the main issue of every single surfcamp : you must code if the swell doesn't show up." - Pierre-Olivier G. Participant @ Le Wagon Surfcamp

Even mother nature has been soft with us since the beggining. A swell of 1-2 feet has been pushing for the main part of the week and the whole bunch of our brave devs got their hands full executing worldclass wipeouts and paddling in vain against the stream.

Welcome at our second office

Cliché is not dead.

Take off delayed

"Let's be honest. The very first surf course was not really like in Point Break. But after that, you're craving for more waves." - Romain P. COO @ Le Wagon

The daily warm-up on the sand (yep, we're speaking of this weird moment when you're moving up and down as a surf instructor is telling you that all of this is perfectly normal) starts to pay and quikly all of them get up on their boards and start to shred. It won't take long before the words take-off, bottom-turn and carve become as friendly as the most twisted rails function you could imagine.

Wondering what's next? The forcasts look good for the rest of the second week with 6 more days full of waves and intense coding sessions. Stay tuned for more details in a couple of days.

Another point of vue


It's all about style

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