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Infographic: the outcomes of a coding bootcamp in China

We took a step back to look at what our alumni in Shanghai, Chengdu or Shenzhen have gone on to achieve, conducting a survey of all our batches since 2017. Here's what we found out about their bootcamp'll learn about their background, journeys, job successes and advice for taking the leap into tech!

Infographic: the outcomes of a coding bootcamp in China
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July 2019

Le Wagon is a career accelerator, and the job prospects are bright. 

With graduates earning RMB180,000 average annual salary in junior roles and often more than RMB300,000 with work experience, almost every one (96.7%) was happier in their new job post bootcamp, 95% saying that they couldn't have achieved this otherwise. What's better? The flexibility, travel, mindset, people and culture that the tech industry and startup world bring. 

In China there are tech companies being built all the time, creating huge demand for the digitally literate, like developers and technical co-founders, paving the way for the future of work and new working culture. 

When the bootcamp ends with Demo Day we keep in touch, giving resources about the job market, as well as hosting job fairs that connect alumni with our hiring partners. It only takes 1-3 months for alumni to find a job once graduating.

Le Wagon is inclusive, with the right mindset anyone can do it.

We cater to all ages, backgrounds and experience levels - everyone starts somewhere and is capable of achieving an epic career change, increasing their professional value or launching their startup, so don't be shy. 

We're keen to do our bit to help improve gender diversity in coding and tech. From featuring female speakers and role models to working with communities that support women to enter & remain in the industry, we've increased our male to female ratio, so everyone feels welcome and empowered to lead in their career. Our bootcamp in Shanghai broke Le Wagon records by being the first batch to have more women than men! Watch how students reacted to that.

The learning doesn't stop post-bootcamp, your value only grows.

Our alumni are continuously expanding their minds to stay up to date with recent advances in programming and development topics. We teach a specific tech stack in the bootcamp (HTML & CSS, JavaScript, WeChat, Ruby on Rails, SQL for databases, UX/UI design and more), but this is just the start

We found that graduates are hungry for knowledge, learning things like VueJS, React, Python, when they leave, some even branching out to C#, PHP & R. The Le Wagon alumni slack is where we share resources, knowledge, jobs, social events and lots more - you'll be part of our community for life. Graduates commented on our local community here.

The first milestone of a future tech business?

Our China graduates are very business-driven: 15% launched a digital company after graduating and 25% are offering freelance services right after graduating! They accepted pro bono / social projects to help a cause, or teamed up and charged an average of 25,000 RMB per gig. 

Alumni are connected to grow and make a living together, sharing opportunities and business contacts every single day 😉


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